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Buyer Select was established in 2015 by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen with the mission to provide simple, effective, and easy-to-follow home decorating ideas. Tracy spent one year studying Interior Design at Montana State University and four years attending Ryerson University, where she received her degree in Design in 1993. She has worked as a designer in various residential and commercial applications, including designing several wilderness resorts. Tracy’s work has been featured in publications such as Log Home Living Magazine and she has contributed articles on home design ideas for over 15 years. Tracy was also a partner in a log home company for 13 years that shipped handcrafted log homes worldwide, offering clients rustic and farmhouse decorating services.

California Cool Design

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Step into the laid-back allure of California cool and infuse it effortlessly into your home decor. From the sun-soaked shores of Malibu to the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, the essence of California's effortless, eclectic style can grace your living space. Embrace the organic textures, earthy tones, and a blend of indoor-outdoor elements that define California's signature aesthetic. 

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Interior Design Styles

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There are many different interior design styles, and choosing one that resonates with us as individuals can be challenging. Each style has its distinct features and can be customized to fit your taste and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a cozy farmhouse vibe or a sleek and modern look, there is a design style that can help you create the home of your dreams.

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Decorating with Color

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Welcome to the vibrant world of interior design, where color becomes a powerful tool for transforming a space. This article will explore the art of decorating with color and discover how it can breathe life into your home.

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Decorating with White

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Step into a world of timeless elegance with the transformative power of white. An alluring canvas for creativity, white is more than just a color—it's a statement. From the serene tranquility, it brings to a space to its ability to reflect an abundance of natural light, white holds the unmatched potential to breathe new life into your home. 

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Christmas Tablescape Ideas

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Get ready to wow your guests this Christmas with these stunning tablescape ideas. Whether hosting an intimate gathering or a festive feast, a beautifully decorated table is a surefire way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Find inspiration from traditional red and green themes to elegant winter wonderlands.

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White Christmas Decorating Ideas

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From ethereal white ornaments to shimmering metallic accents, discover how to create a captivating ambiance that embraces the snowy vibes of the season. Whether adorning your tree with glistening silver garlands or layering plush white faux fur throws for a snug, inviting feel, here you'll find a curated selection of ideas to elevate your holiday decor to a new level of sophistication and comfort.

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Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Get ready to elevate your space with tasteful and innovative suggestions that spark joy and captivate the imagination. Deck the halls with eye-catching accents and create a warm, inviting ambiance that perfectly complements the merry celebrations. Whether you're drawn to rustic charm or luxe, glamorous designs, these ideas cover a spectrum of styles to suit every preference.

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Fall Tablescapes

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As the vibrant hues of autumn take center stage, it's time to elevate your dining experience with the perfect fall tablescape. Embrace the season's cozy vibes and express your unique style with this comprehensive guide to curating a stylish and inviting table setting.

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Fall Decorating Ideas

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Welcome the arrival of autumn by transforming your home into a cozy haven with these fall decorating ideas. As the weather turns cooler and the leaves change color, it's the perfect time to infuse warmth and comfort into your living spaces.

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Scandinavian Decorating Ideas

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Delve into the stunning realm of Scandinavian design, filled with minimalism, functionality, and striking aesthetics. Whether you are a fan of clean lines, muted color palettes, or cozy textures, these inspiring Scandinavian decorating ideas will help you transform your home into a sanctuary of tranquility and style.

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Modern Coastal Decorating Ideas

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Escape to the tranquil shores with these ten modern coastal decorating ideas to transform your home into a serene retreat. Whether you live by the beach or simply long for the calming atmosphere of the coast, these design tips will bring the soothing essence of the ocean into your everyday surroundings.

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Bohemian Style Decorating

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Embrace the eclectic and unconventional nature of the bohemian style to transform your living space into a sanctuary that reflects your unique personality. With a mix of vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, a bohemian home exudes warmth and character.

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Modern Rustic Design

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Step into a world where style meets warmth with these ten modern rustic decorating ideas. Rustic charm has long been admired for its cozy appeal, and now you can effortlessly blend it with contemporary elegance. Whether you want to revamp your entire home or add a rustic flair to specific rooms, this article will guide you through the process.

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How to Make Charcuterie Boards

2023-11-13T11:41:16-08:00By |Food & Beverages|

Are you ready to elevate your entertaining game with a show-stopping charcuterie board? From savory cured meats to artisan cheeses, fresh fruits, and an array of delectable accompaniments, a well-curated charcuterie board is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. This step-by-step guide will walk you through creating a stunning charcuterie board that caters to every occasion.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine's Day Ideas Valentine's Day is on its way and love is in the air.  Whether you are celebrating with your sweetie or will be in the company of your best girls and planning a Galentine's day feast, here is a collection of a few festive cocktail recipes, sumptuous desserts, and gorgeous Valentine's [...]

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Best Interiors on Instagram

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Best Interiors on Instagram Here are a few of the best interiors on Instagram. From stunning contemporary living rooms to spa-like bathrooms to dreamy kitchens and dining rooms. I've been diligently adding at least four images a day to the Buyer Select Instagram account for inspiration for myself and for those who love interior [...]

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Urban Earthy Interiors

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Urban Earthy Interiors: Jenni Kayne Urban, earthy & au naturel, these stunning spaces accomplish their balance and sophistication through the layering of textures, keeping color scheme to a minimum and incorporating organic and monochromatic accents. If you are designing a monochromatic color scheme based on neutrals, it works well to tailor your [...]

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Design Trend: Decorating with Blue

2021-02-09T13:24:54-08:00By |Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Design Styles|

Summer Refresh: Decorating with Blue The season’s unofficial color, you can never have too much blue – especially when it’s grounded in white and accented with warm browns. Bring the feeling of summer serenity to your home with a calming mix of shades ranging from navy to cobalt to sky. This year we [...]

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Luxury Bedding – Meet the Masters

2021-02-09T13:03:42-08:00By |Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Luxury Bedding|

The World of Designer Luxury Bedding Sublime softness. Lush textures. Serene embroidery. The world of designer luxury bedding and bath is at hand. Meet the masters of this exceptional art form and indulge in the details of their craft. A beautiful arrangement of pillows is the ultimate finishing touch on a well-made bed. [...]

Spring Decorating Ideas

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SPRING DECORATING IDEAS: Bring the Glory of Spring Into Your Home Spring decorating ideas: It's time to shake off the chill of winter and add bursts of bright color, energetic patterns and lively springtime motifs to your home in order to effortlessly transition into spring. Spring is a time of renewal and it’s also [...]

My Modern Coastal Bedroom

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My Modern Coastal Bedroom Welcome to a tour of my modern coastal bedroom. I thought I would create a section on the blog where I would feature some of the interior design projects I have recently been working on, including my own home. I have almost completed the design of two separate homes [...]

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Coastal Decorating Ideas

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Coastal Decorating Ideas ~ Bring Home the Beach Coastal decorating & design is more than just a look, the coastal decorating style lets in the breezy laid-back vibe of the beach with a gorgeous palette of crisp white and maritime blues. It also works well with a sandy palette and gentle hues of [...]

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Small Condo Decorating Ideas

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Small Condo Decorating Ideas If you are interested in small condo decorating ideas, you've come to the right place! I recently completed this project for an elderly couple who wanted to downsize dramatically to avoid excess space and eliminate the need for having to use stairs. They wanted to be able to walk [...]

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Holiday Home Tours

2023-08-08T09:41:10-07:00By |Christmas Ideas, Christmas Tree Ideas, Seasonal Decorating Ideas|

Holiday Home Tours I hope you enjoy this collection of Holiday home tour images from some of my favorite bloggers. It's fascinating to see how they each approach designing their Christmas trees and homes so differently. From traditional green and red to incorporating soft peachy hues and dramatic blues. I've also included my [...]

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Christmas Home Decor

2021-02-09T13:32:03-08:00By |Christmas Ideas, Christmas Tree Ideas, Decorating Ideas, Seasonal Decorating Ideas|

Christmas Home Decor Looking for Christmas home decor and ideas to dress up your holidays? From plaid with some sparkle to glittering votives in very red, there are so many new ways to outfit your home in holiday style. Find everything you need, whether you dress your spaces from head to toe or [...]

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Christmas Ideas

2021-02-09T13:32:33-08:00By |Christmas Ideas, Christmas Tree Ideas, Seasonal Decorating Ideas|

Christmas Decorating Ideas This time of the year, many of us are looking for Christmas decorating ideas to get a jump start on the upcoming season. I’ve been browsing online and found some gorgeous photos to share for inspiration. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales fast approaching, it’s a great time to [...]

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34 Stunning Christmas Trees

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34 Stunning Christmas Trees Find 34 stunning Christmas trees all decked out for the holiday season. It's that time of year again when Pinterest and Instagram are buzzing with plenty of Christmas decorating ideas. I'm always in awe of how beautiful each person's interpretation is of the classic red and green tree. Behold, [...]

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Easter Decorating Ideas

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EASTER DECORATING IDEAS Easter is on the horizon. If the holidays call for a fresh new look in your home, your decor changes don't have to be the familiar ones. Why not add a little more individuality this year, whether its sophistication and glamour or a quirky sense of playfulness? In addition, you can [...]

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12 Beautiful Christmas Trees

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12 Beautiful Christmas Trees Buyer Select has Christmas Decorations divided into 4 Categories: All Christmas Decorations Traditional Red & Green Christmas Decorations Glimmer & Gold Christmas Decorations Silver & White Christmas Decorations Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for the latest in home decorating ideas!  Nordic Frost Ornament Set Celebrate Christmas with the understated [...]

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Shop by Room

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Serena & Lily Shop by Room ~ Shop by Room with Serena & Lily, a home and lifestyle brand with a fresh, California point of view. They are well known for creating original textiles bursting with color and pattern. The fabric you choose for your furniture and décor such as throws and pillows reflects [...]

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Vintage Decorating Ideas

2021-02-09T13:37:20-08:00By |Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Design Styles|

Fall Home Decorating: Pottery Barn's Fall 2017 Collection ~ If you are looking for vintage decorating ideas, Pottery Barn, a member of the Williams-Sonoma, Inc. portfolio of brands, introduced its stunning Fall Home Decorating 2017 Collection, which has a wonderful collection of vintage style decor. "Our customers are at the core of everything [...]

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Relaxed Modern Rustic Decorating Ideas

2021-02-09T13:36:44-08:00By |Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Design Styles, Modern Rustic Decorating Ideas|

Relaxed Modern Rustic Decorating Ideas ~ Rich in natural, organic and handcrafted elements, rustic design is taking interiors by storm. If this is a look that suits your individual style, Pottery Barn has some great modern rustic decorating ideas. The Relaxed Rustic Style is all about evoking a sense of coziness and soul [...]

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Farmhouse Industrial Decorating Ideas

2021-02-09T14:08:11-08:00By |Decorating Ideas, Farmhouse Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Design Styles|

Farmhouse Industrial Decorating Ideas ~ In the third part of the Pottery Barn Fall Collection Series, I thought I'd cover their Farmhouse Industrial decorating ideas and decor. If you are just starting on this post, the Fall Collection begins with Vintage Decorating, and then onto Relaxed Rustic Design and Coastal Design Ideas. Pottery Barn's [...]

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Globally Inspired Design

2021-02-09T14:10:24-08:00By |Bohemian Decorating Ideas, Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Design Styles, Top Interior Designers|

Globally Inspired Design: Home Tour ~ Monica Bhargava: Executive Vice President of Pottery Barn & Williams-Sonoma Monica Bhargava exhibits her impeccable taste revealing her ‘globally inspired’ California home that features a stunning white space filled with some of the best furniture and home décor carefully selected from both Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. [...]

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Modern Mountain Home

2021-02-09T14:11:11-08:00By |Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Design Styles, Modern Rustic Decorating Ideas|

Modern Mountain Home How to Create a Modern Mountain Home I recently discovered the web-site of Studio McGee, a full service design firm based in Salt Lake City. Not only do they have stunning images of their design portfolio, but they also have a gorgeous selection of home decor that can be purchased through their online [...]

How to Decorate

2021-02-09T14:11:53-08:00By |Decorating Ideas|

Ballard's Design: Ideas & Inspiration Browse through this gorgeous curated selection of images from Ballard's design. Find out how to create a neutral but interesting living space or how to mix in traditional pieces with modern homes. This series will help you create a polished and enduring space in your own home. BEDROOM DESIGN IDEAS [...]

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