27 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

By Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen | Published on March 03, 2024 | 

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Trends come and go, but a farmhouse kitchen is one design aesthetic that stands the test of time. You don’t have to live in a rural community to enjoy the charm of farmhouse design – it’s well-suited to many localities. 

Here, we will cover the latest in farmhouse kitchen design, from painted cabinets to open shelving, kitchen island ideas, farmhouse sinks, shiplap walls, and how to incorporate color, pattern, and texture. 

Whether you want to create a more welcoming cooking space or plan a kitchen remodel, these ideas will help you design a kitchen infused with rustic elements and a connection to the outdoors. The following eye-catching kitchens will get you started on your journey.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Image courtesy of Sara Liz Lawson

1. Begin With a Neutral Color Scheme

One trend that has been particularly popular in farmhouse kitchen design is the use of a neutral color palette, including shades of white, beige, gray, and other muted tones. Neutral colors are versatile and timeless and work well in various kitchen styles. 

There are many ways to incorporate a neutral color palette into your farmhouse kitchen design. You could pair white cabinets and countertops with wood flooring and open shelving for a classic look. Alternatively, you could opt for gray or beige cabinetry and add color with accessories and decor. 

This farmhouse kitchen, designed by Lexi Grace, features a neutral color palette with a white subway tile backsplash, white countertops, pendant lighting, and cabinets that contrast with wood flooring, ceiling beams, and open shelving.

Neutral Palette in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas
Image courtesy of Lexi Grace Design

2. Weave Warm Earth Tones Into The Design

Natural colors like brown, beige, and tan create a warm and welcoming environment perfect for cooking, dining, and entertaining. Wood accents are a great way to incorporate warm earth tones in a kitchen. 

Wood cabinets, flooring, and countertops can add a natural touch to your kitchen. You can also use wood accessories like cutting boards, utensils, and bowls to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen decor.

Designer Sarah Liz Lawson designed this farmhouse kitchen with warm wood tones and a striking combination of white, wood, and gray cabinetry. The black dining room and kitchen stools pull out the color from the dramatic kitchen range with brass accents.

Farmhouse Kitchen in Warm Earth Tones

Warm Earth Tones in a Farmhouse Kitchen
Image courtesy of Sara Liz Lawson Design

3. Consider Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green kitchen cabinets can add a unique touch of color to your kitchen while maintaining a natural and organic feel. Green is a versatile color that can be paired with a variety of other colors and materials, such as wood, brass, and white countertops, to create a timeless and stylish look. Additionally, green is a color often associated with nature and the outdoors, making it a perfect fit for a farmhouse kitchen designed to connect with the surrounding environment.

This stunning modern rustic kitchen, designed by Tiffany Leigh, boasts olive green cabinets, open shelving, and a wood kitchen island with a white quartz countertop. A simple display of floral branches in a glass vase adds the perfect finishing touch.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Green Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Rustic Kitchen with Olive Green Cabinets
Image courtesy of Tiffany Leigh Design

4. Use Blue Kitchen Cabinets for a Fresh Look

Blue kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for those who want to add a splash of color and personality to their kitchen design. It’s a versatile hue that can be used in various shades, from pale blue to navy, and works well with a range of other colors and materials. Blue cabinets can also create a calming and soothing feel in a kitchen, making it a perfect space for cooking, entertaining, and spending time with family and friends. 

In the image below, blue cabinets, brass fixtures, and warm wood flooring work wonderfully in this rustic farmhouse kitchen designed by Blanc Marine.  

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Cabinetry
Image courtesy of Blanc Marine

5. Choose Classic White Kitchen Cabinets

Classic white kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice for any farmhouse kitchen. White cabinets provide a clean and fresh look that can be paired with various other design elements, such as wood flooring, open shelving, and colorful accessories. The all-white look is trendy in modern farmhouse design, but it can also work well in a more traditional setting. 

This all-white kitchen, designed by interior designer Amy Storm, features white cabinetry, ceiling, and countertops. Natural wood elements are paired with sandy beige light fixtures and counterstools to add depth and dimension to the design.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen With White Kitchen Cabinets

White Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Image courtesy of Amy Storm

6. Incorporate Wood Kitchen Cabinets 

Wood cabinets can add warmth and texture to a farmhouse kitchen and can be paired with design elements, such as white countertops, subway tile backsplash, and open shelving, to create a timeless and stylish look. 

In the image below, light wood kitchen cabinets, windows framed in dark wood tones, plenty of natural sunlight, and artisinal backsplash tiles make this warm and inviting kitchen designed by Lindye Galloway a show-stopper. 

Wood Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Artisinal Backsplash
Image courtesy of Lindye Galloway Design

7. Bring in a Bold Contrasting Hue

Incorporating a bold and contrasting hue is one way to add a pop of color and personality to your farmhouse kitchen. You can choose a bright and vibrant color like red, yellow, or green and pair it with neutral tones like white or beige to create a striking contrast. 

Interior designer Meghan Eisenberg, for example, uses rust as a bold accent color that contrasts beautifully with light taupe cabinets, wood flooring, and cream walls in a stunning farmhouse kitchen design. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with color and add a touch of boldness to your kitchen design.

Bring in a Bold Contrasting Hue

Farmhouse Kitchen with a Bold Contrasting Hue
Image courtesy of  Meghan Eisenberg Design

8. Add a Ladder for Hard to Reach Items

Adding a ladder to your farmhouse kitchen can be both practical and stylish. Whether you have high ceilings, tall cabinets, or hard-to-reach spaces, a ladder can provide easy access and add a unique design element to your kitchen. 

You can choose a wooden or metal ladder that complements the rest of your kitchen decor and style. A sliding ladder on a track can be a space-saving option, while a freestanding ladder can add a charming rustic touch. 

In the image below, a wooden ladder leans against the wall, adding a touch of warmth and texture to this beautiful farmhouse kitchen designed by Jean Stoffer.

Add a Kitchen Ladder for Hard to Reach Items

Kitchen with Taupe Cabinetry and a Ladder
Image courtesy of Jean Stoffer Design

9. Add Playful Contrast with a Bright Range

Incorporating a colorful range is another way to add color and contrast to your farmhouse kitchen. A range in a bright hue like red, blue, or green can become a statement piece and add personality and charm to the space. You can pair it with neutral cabinets, countertops, and backsplash to make it stand out even more. 

House of Jade added a vivid blue range with a dramatic gray backsplash that is a focal point in a kitchen with two-tone white and wood cabinetry. Brass accents and neutral multi-toned subway tiles add the perfect finishing touch.

Adding Playful Contrast with a Colorful Range

Kitchen with a Vivid Blue Range
Image courtesy of House of Jade Interiors

10. Add Gray Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your farmhouse kitchen. Gray is a versatile color paired with various materials and finishes, such as stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, and subway tile backsplash. Add warmth to your gray kitchen cabinets by incorporating wood elements, such as a wood kitchen island or open shelving. 

In this kitchen designed by Amanda Barnes, gray cabinets take center stage and pair perfectly with white walls, wood tones, and brass lighting fixtures. 

Farmhouse Kitchen with Gray Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen with Gray Cabinetry
Image courtesy of Amanda Barnes Interiors

11. Utilize Open Shelving

Open shelving in a kitchen is a great way to showcase your favorite dishes, glasses, and other kitchenware while adding an airy and open feel to your space. It’s also a practical solution for keeping everyday essentials within reach. 

Open shelving allows you to access your items easily and is a perfect place to display your favorite cookbooks, plants, and other decorative items. Combine similar items, such as all-white dishes or glassware, to make your open shelving look cohesive. 

In the image below, Design Shop Interiors provided angular open wood shelving in a beautifully designed kitchen with a sage green kitchen island base, dark countertops, glossy subway tiles, and white cabinetry.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Open Shelving
Image courtesy of Design Shop Interiors

12. Natural and Organic Elements

Incorporating natural and organic elements is a key aspect of farmhouse kitchen design. These elements can include wood, stone, brick, and other materials that create a rustic and earthy feel. 

In this unique and organic kitchen, JFY Designs incorporated leather stools, an array of natural abaca rope hand-woven oversized chandeliers, white textural pottery, and a white waterfall countertop. 

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Natural and Organic Elements
Image courtesy of JFY Designs

13. Shiplap Walls for Visual Interest

Shiplap walls are a popular design element in farmhouse kitchens, adding texture and depth to the space. Incorporating shiplap walls into your kitchen design can be a great way to create a rustic and cozy atmosphere. You can paint the shiplap in a neutral color or leave it natural to add warmth and texture. 

Interior designer Mindy Gayer used shiplap features throughout this lovely farmhouse kitchen, including cream-colored cabinets, black accent chairs, a gray and white backsplash, and open shelving.

Shiplap Walls in Farmhouse Design

Using Shiplap in Farmhouse Interiors
Image courtesy of Mindy Gayer Design

14. Natural Stone & Wood Elements

Incorporating natural elements like stone and wood into a farmhouse kitchen design can add warmth, texture, and character to the space. Stone countertops, backsplashes, or even stone accent walls can create a rustic and natural feel in the kitchen. 

Natural stone is prominently featured in a kitchen designed by Studio McGee and contrasts perfectly with brass accents, wood flooring, and light-cream kitchen cabinets. 

Use Natural Elements Like Stone and Wood

Farmhouse Kitchen with Stone Walls
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

15. Lay Down an Area Rug

Incorporating an area rug in the kitchen can add style and function. A patterned or colorful rug can add visual interest to a neutral kitchen, while a solid-colored rug can tie together different design elements. 

In this kitchen designed by Interior Archeology, an area rug adds texture, color, and pattern that ties all design elements in. This beautiful kitchen boasts olive green cabinets, white and gray countertops, and a gorgeous wooden inlay behind the shelving.  

Area Rugs in Farmhouse Kitchens

Adding an Area Rug
Image courtesy of Interior Archeology 

16. Incorporate Counter Stools with Color, Texture & Pattern

Kitchen counter stools are a great way to add color, pattern, and texture to your farmhouse kitchen design. They can create a focal point or complement your kitchen’s color scheme. 

Designer Amy Storm included a vast array of textures and patterns in this kitchen with striped stools, a glossy green subway tile fireplace, a dramatic backsplash, warm wood tones, and gray cabinetry. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Counter Stools

Kitchen with Textural Counter Stools
Image courtesy of Amy Storm Design

17. Artwork & Wall Decor

Artwork and wall decor can add a touch of personality and style to your farmhouse kitchen. Consider framing vintage kitchen utensils, botanical prints, or landscape paintings and hanging them on the walls. 

This warm and inviting farmhouse kitchen, designed by Sara Lynn Brennan, has many complementary elements, from warm wood cabinetry to brass accent counter stools, architectural detailing, and a series of framed botanical prints. 

Wall Art and Artwork

Incorporating Artwork in a Kitchen Design
Image courtesy of Sara Lynn Brennan Design

18. Consider a Unique Ceiling Treatment

Unique ceilings can add an extra touch of charm and character to a farmhouse kitchen. From exposed beams to vaulted ceilings, there are many ways to incorporate a unique ceiling design into your kitchen. 

This stunning kitchen designed by Amber Lewis shows her eye for detail, from the interplay between light wood flooring and dark kitchen cabinetry to the dramatic backsplash and dramatic ceiling in glossy taupe tiles. 

Farmhouse Kitchen with Tiled Ceiling

A Farmhouse Kitchen with a Dramatic Ceiling
Image courtesy of Amber Lewis Design

19. Natural Light for a Warm and Sunny Glow

Large windows, skylights, and French doors can bring in natural light and create a bright, airy atmosphere. Natural light can make a kitchen feel more welcoming and inviting and also provide a connection to the outdoors. 

Architectural firm Hoedemaker Pfeiffer designed the delightful farmhouse kitchen below, which has plenty of country charm. Natural light floods the space through an unadorned expanse of windows that provide magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.

Natural Light in the Kitchen

Incorporating Natural Light
Image courtesy of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

20. Display Copper Pots

Consider hanging copper pots from a pot rack or installing shelves to display them in your farmhouse kitchen. You can also stack them on open shelving or display them on a kitchen island. Copper pots look particularly striking when paired with warm wood accents and neutral color palettes. 

Interior Designer Katie Hodges created the kitchen below with warm golden tones, layered textures, and a display of copper pots over the range. 

Displaying Copper Pots

Displaying Copper Pots
Image courtesy of Katie Hodges Design

21. Sculptural Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is an excellent way to add a statement piece to your farmhouse kitchen. It provides essential task lighting and a decorative element that adds personality and style to your space. 

This minimalist kitchen, designed by Amy Stormand, features bold graphic counter stools, light wood cabinetry, dark wood flooring, and green and brass conical pendants. 

Sculptural Pendant Lighting

Kitchen Pendant Lighting
Image courtesy of Amy Storm Design

22. Add Greenery To Bring the Outdoors In

There are many ways to incorporate plants into a farmhouse kitchen design. You could create a windowsill herb garden for fresh herbs to use in cooking or hang plants from the ceiling or walls to save counter space. 

Bethany Adams Interiors designed this kitchen with dramatic contrasting elements – from a dark gray tiled floor to a wood kitchen island, brass accents, white cabinetry, and beautiful plants, branches, and florals. 

Adding Greenery to a Farmhouse Kitchen

Adding Greenery to a Kitchen Design
Image courtesy of Bethany Adams Interiors

23. Dark Countertops for Contrast

Dark countertops in a kitchen can create a dramatic and sophisticated look. They contrast beautifully with lighter-colored cabinetry, backsplash, and flooring, making them stand out. 

Blue and white kitchen cabinets and medium-toned hardwood flooring complement the black countertops in this kitchen designed by Modern Nest Interiors. 

Incorporating Dark Countertops

Kitchen with Dark Countertops
Image courtesy of Modern Nest Interiors

24. Add a Luxury Range Hood As A Focal Point

Adding a luxurious range hood to your farmhouse kitchen can elevate the design and create a focal point. Many options are available, including stainless steel, copper, and wood range hoods, each with a unique style. 

This beautiful kitchen designed by Heidi Woodman features a white and gray marble range hood, brass accents, warm wood tones, and a combination of dark and light countertops.

Farmhouse Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

Adding a Luxurious Range Hood
Image courtesy of Heidi Woodman Design

25. White Marble or Quartz Countertops

White quartz or marble countertops can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your farmhouse kitchen. These materials are durable and easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for homeowners. 

White marble countertops perfectly contrast moody green kitchen cabinets, wood and brass accents, and rattan pendant lighting in a kitchen designed by Mindy Gayer.

White Marble or Quartz Kitchen Countertops

White Marble Countertops
Image courtesy of Mindy Gayer Design

26. Scandinavian Style Kitchen

With its clean lines, neutral color palette, and natural materials, the Scandinavian-style kitchen is a popular choice for those looking for a minimalist and functional design. The style is about simplicity, functionality, and efficiency, making it perfect for modern farmhouse living.

A Scandinavian-style kitchen designed by House of Jade features leather counter stools, open shelving, an all-white kitchen island, a gray textured backsplash, and industrial black lighting fixtures. 

Scandinavian Farmhouse Kitchen

Scandinavian Farmhouse Kitchen
Image courtesy of House of Jade Interiors

27. Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

A modern rustic farmhouse kitchen is a beautiful blend of contemporary design and traditional charm. It incorporates natural materials, such as wood and stone, with sleek and contemporary finishes to create a warm and inviting space. 

This picturesque farmhouse kitchen, designed by Amber Interiors, takes a modern rustic approach. It has a wood ceiling, flooring, kitchen island, copper accents, vintage pottery, and warm metallics. 

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Rustic Kitchen
Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

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