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Looking for California Cool Design ideas? The term ‘California Cool Design’ defines a classic West Coast feel that is modern, natural, yet curated. The aesthetic has a fresh and clean feel that is often based in neutrals. Here, less is more and spaciousness and a minimalist approach go hand-in-hand. It’s light, breezy and organic. Using raw materials such as wood and rattan in natural and warm tones play a strong role. Rugs are also used to define space and to introduce texture. California Cool Design also has plenty of greenery and laid back accessories.

When it comes to interiors, the best pieces are designed with timelessness in mind. Jenni Kayne’s collection captures the spirit and essence of California Cool – both in home decor and in her clothing line. “No designer has captured the laid-back, L.A. luxe vibe quite like Jenni Kayne, who has created the ultimate California lifestyle brand.” ~  The Jenny Kayne Home collection has pieces that are essentials for modern living, both equal parts beautiful and functional.

Jenni Kayne is a known tastemaker and authority on style, spanning the worlds of fashion, interiors, and entertaining. Inspired by organic textures, thoughtful simplicity, and natural landscapes, Jenni Kayne has quickly become an all-encompassing lifestyle brand rooted in modern California minimalism. Her collection of accent pieces such as gorgeous alpaca pillows, cozy blankets and area rugs bring a natural, organic elegance to any corner of the home.

“Life is full of changes, but a well-appointed home is forever.”

Here are a few of my favorite pieces in this year’s collection – the perfect items to create a warm and inviting home with fabulous layers of texture, pattern and natural tones.

1. California Cool Design: Sheepskin Rugs

California Cool Design | Jeni Kayne | Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs add an instant cozy and welcoming vibe to any space. They are also extremely versatile and can be used in many ways. From draping them on the arm of a couch to provide extra cushion, placing them over dining room chairs, or layering them on top of another rug – these rugs go the extra mile in adding natural texture. Jenni Kayne has three Sheepskin rugs that are carefully crafted to add a touch of luxury to the home.

2.  The Little Things

The Little Things | Decorating Tips | California Cool Design

It’s the little things we interact with every day that make all the difference. From linen pillows to alpaca textiles, nesting baskets, and handmade ceramics – these are the layers that make a home special.

Decorative accessories should be the final touch to a well-designed space. From handmade ceramics to leather-wrapped vases and beautiful coffee table books, The California Cool Design style embodies natural and organic accessories with clean lines.

You can’t go wrong with nesting baskets. They are one of the easiest ways to keep your home looking cool and organized. They work perfectly to hide dog or baby toys as well as store everything from towels to throw blankets.

3.  The Art of Entertaining

Unique tabletop essentials truly make a house a home. California Cool Design takes heart in entertaining family and friends both indoors and alfresco. Think: maple serving boards, rattan tableware and handmade ceramics.

California Cool Design | The Art of Entertaining

4.  Layering the Basics

Pillows and throws are the ultimate design hack.  Adding a textured pillow or two can quickly transform any space.  It’s also super easy to mix and match neutral-toned pillows with your existing decor. Layer these cozy pillows on an upholstered slipcovered sofa or a master bed. They’re the perfect neutral with understated sophistication. It would be difficult to find a corner of the house that these don’t look perfect in. Soft neutrals and sophistication are key to a versatile piece you’ll love for years to come.

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California Cool Design
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California Cool Design
Looking for California Cool Design ideas? The term ‘California Cool Design’ defines a classic West Coast feel that is modern, natural, yet curated. The aesthetic has a fresh and clean feel that is often based in neutrals.
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