French Country Decorating Ideas

French Country Decorating Ideas: French country is a broadly appealing design style that is inspired by the centuries-old farmhouses of rural France. It is the embodiment of elegance that strikes a perfect balance between beauty and comfort.

It is epitomized by soothing hues, rich use of fabrics, provincial furniture, exposed wood ceilings, fresh-cut flowers, natural linen fabrics, finely upholstered chairs and sofas, rustic antiques, and intricate details. It is a curated blend of European elegance and rustic country style.

The colors in French country design are serene and modest and draw inspiration from the natural landscape. Here you’ll find earthy hues such as pale yellow, soft blues and greens, and peony pink. Stick to the warm side of the color wheel to remain true to this design aesthetic.

Here you’ll find beautiful images and tips on how to create this style of design into your own home.

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French Country Decorating Ideas

French Country Decorating Ideas Looking for French country decorating ideas? This post covers the various aspects of this style of design with decorating tips and stunning images of French country living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens. What is French Country Design? French country is a broadly appealing design style [...]

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