29 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

By Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen | Published on March 25, 2024 | 

If you are looking for farmhouse living room ideas, you’ve come to the right place! This post focuses primarily on a modern approach to farmhouse design, with design tips and images of beautifully designed spaces.

Here, you’ll find a curated collection of living rooms designed by top interior designers. From traditional layered neutral designs to living rooms layered with warm earth tones and organic elements.

Whether you’re updating your existing living room or starting from scratch, mastering the design elements of a modern farmhouse living room is a rewarding endeavor that will leave you with a space that is not only visually appealing but also a cozy haven for relaxation and gatherings. Feature image courtesy of Lindye Galloway Design.

Here are a few design elements and design tips for a modern farmhouse living room:

Farmhouse Interior Design

Farmhouse Interior Design
Image courtesy of Heidi Woodman Interiors

1. Monochromatic Layered Neutral Tones 

Choosing the color palette for a farmhouse living room can be challenging. One popular design concept is a monochromatic approach, layering neutrals from soft tans to warm beiges and subtle browns. These neutral hues will provide a soothing backdrop for your space while allowing other design elements to shine. 

This look works best if many layered textures and patterns are included to add dimension and interest. Think chunky knit throws, a collection of carefully chosen throw pillows, rustic pottery, and large area rugs. 

In the image below, the Lifestyled Co. designed a beautiful farmhouse-style living room with layer upon layer of textures in the same tonal range. Dark hues of brown are introduced through the dining room and accent chairs, the coffee table, throw pillows, and a large vase filled with organic branches. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room with a Neutral Palette

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
Image courtesy of Lifestyled Company

2. Include Warm Earthtones

Earth tones elevate a farmhouse living room design by providing a striking contrast to neutral or white walls. Include soft golden hues and shades of brown and rust. Bring in outdoor elements such as wood tones, greenery, and floral arrangements. 

For added texture and visual interest, consider layering two large-area rugs. Other features to incorporate are open shelving, wood flooring, ceramic pottery, white shiplap ceilings, and contemporary light fixtures.

In the image below, interior designer Mindy Gayer introduced warm tones by adding a wood-paneled backdrop to a built-in shelving unit. The base area rug, furniture, and artwork also bring in warm caramel shades. 

Farmhouse Living Room in Warm Earth Tones

Farmhouse Living Room in Warm Earth Tones
Image courtesy of Mindy Gayer Design

3. Take Cues from the Surrounding Landscape

In addition to the neutral base, consider incorporating colors inspired by nature. Think pastel blues, terracotta, sage green, rich browns, and muted yellows. 

These earthy tones will add depth to your living room while maintaining a cozy vibe. Layer in warm textures, patterned pillows, landscape artwork, shades of taupe, and greenery to create an earthy vibe.

Interior Designer Lexi Grace designed this stunning textural living room using gorgeous earth tones, ranging from a pale blue in the artwork to desert hues in the upholstery, decor, and throw pillows. 

Using Nature to Define a Color Palette

Using Nature to Define the Color Palette
Image courtesy of Lexi Grace Design

4. Consider an All-White Palette

An all-white palette creates a minimalist design with a neutral base, allowing other design elements to stand out. This fresh, streamlined design aesthetic combines white walls, furniture, and accent pillows with black accents for contrast. Use wood flooring and fresh greenery throughout the space to keep the look warm and inviting.

The Lifestyled Co. designed this lovely white farmhouse living by adding contrasting wood tones and black accents to create contrast. White pottery with branches and large-scale plants adds verticality and interest to the space. 

White Farmhouse Living Room

White Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
Image courtesy of Lifestyled Company

5. Natural Materials and Textures

One of the defining characteristics of a modern farmhouse living room is the use of natural materials and textures. Introduce natural elements through textured lighting and artwork, wood sculptures, organic pottery, and woven fabrics. 

Add rounded and curved shapes in furniture and art objects for a contemporary twist with laid-back energy. A large, low-profile coffee table with architectural detailing completes the look.

A living room designed by Lexi Grace that combines the best of natural elements, texture, and sculptural detailing. The curved sofa and round lighting soften the space while the artwork adds subtle movement, color, and contrast. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Natural & Organic Farmhouse Living Room Design
Image courtesy of Lexi Grace Design

6. Mix and Match Old & New

One of the charms of modern farmhouse design is the ability to mix and match old and new pieces. Feel free to incorporate vintage or antique furniture and decor items alongside contemporary pieces. This juxtaposition of styles will add depth and visual interest to your living room, creating a truly unique and personalized space.

Interior designer Kelsey Leigh delights the eye with this well-layered farmhouse living room, which includes rough-hewn wood accents, wicker baskets, a wrought iron chandelier, and neutral seating paired with a sofa in a warm shade of chocolate. 

Mix and Match Old With New

Mix and Match Old & New 
Image courtesy of  Kelsey Leigh Design

7. Layer in Warm Lighting

Lighting can have a dramatic impact on the overall design of any space in the home, including the living room. Layered lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, table lamps, and candles, create a cozy ambiance in the evening. Use wall sconces to illuminate artwork or to highlight decor in open shelving. 

Consider incorporating dimmer switches to control the intensity of the lighting in your living room. This will allow you to create different moods and adjust the lighting according to the time of day or the occasion. 

In another living room designed by Kelsey Leigh, the eye is drawn toward a soft and feminine palette featuring warm brass accent lighting. A vase of lovely roses, a faux fur throw, and landscape artwork elevate the space and add the perfect finishing touch. 

Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

Warm Lighting Fixtures
Image courtesy of  Kelsey Leigh Design

8. Showcase a Gallery Wall 

Adding a gallery wall to your farmhouse living room is a great way to showcase your style and add visual interest. To create a curated look, you can interweave artwork with rustic wood wall art and mix various frames from wood tones to metallics. 

Choose artwork that highlights the living room’s color palette. For added depth, include black-and-white prints and tonal pieces. 

For a curated designer look, consider adding a wood console beneath with textured pieces, sculptural items, rough metals, stacked books, pottery, and plants. This will add dimension to your living room while showcasing your favorite art pieces.

Aker Interiors created this beautifully designed gallery wall, which fills an entire wall with various tones, textures, and frame options. The console acts to ground the space under the artwork and provides an opportunity to display treasured items.

Gallery Wall in a Farmhouse Living Room

A Striking Gallery Wall with a Console Beneath 
Image courtesy of Aker Interiors

9. Take an Urban Earthy Design Approach

An urban, earthy approach brings a modern twist to the classic farmhouse design. By blending contemporary design elements with warm, earth tones, you create a striking contrast that is visually appealing and cozy at the same time. This approach allows you to incorporate elements such as geometric prints, modern lighting fixtures, leather, and rustic pottery while maintaining the natural and organic feel of the farmhouse design. 

An urban and earthy living room designed by JFY Designs plays with strong contrasts while introducing cozy textures such as leather, hide, velvet, and wool.

Urban Earthy Living Room

Urban Earthy Living Room
Image courtesy of JFY Designs

10. Incorporate Vintage Elements 

Vintage-inspired accessories are a great way to add character and charm to your living room. Look for antique mirrors, weathered picture frames, vintage-inspired artwork, and lighting fixtures. These pieces will add a sense of history and personality to your space, making it unique.

A white fireplace takes center stage in a country farmhouse living room designed by Amber Lewis. This room clearly shows Amber’s talent for combining pattern and texture to create a seamless and beautifully layered space. 

Country Living Room

Country Living Room with Vintage Elements
Image courtesy of Amber Lewis Design

11. Utilize Open Shelving

Open shelving is a popular design element in modern farmhouse living rooms. This design feature is practical and stylish, allowing you to showcase and keep your favorite decor items within easy reach. 

Open shelving also provides a visual break from the solid walls and cabinets, adding depth and interest to the space. It can display everything from books and art to pottery, baskets, candles, sculptures, and plants, making it a versatile design option. 

Another advantage of open shelving is that it can make a small living room feel larger by creating an illusion of space. The open shelves allow the eye to travel further, making the room feel more expansive than it is.

Interior designer, Shea McGee designed a striking farmhouse living room by introducing shades of blues and greens with warm earth tones. The open shelving provides a focal point that brings in additional textural elements. 

Open Shelving

Open Shelving for Displaying Decor
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

12. Scandinavian Elements 

Scandinavian design elements are often incorporated into farmhouse living room designs because they share similar design principles. Both styles focus on simplicity and functionality and use natural materials.

Clean lines, neutral color palettes, and minimalism characterize Scandinavian design. These elements can easily be integrated into a farmhouse living room design, creating a cozy and modern space. 

This elegant and sophisticated Scandinavian-style farmhouse living room, designed by Elizabeth Metcalf, boasts a large sculptural light fixture, warm golden hues, and a white fireplace that adds architectural detailing. 

Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Metcalf Design

13. Natural Stone Accents

Natural stone accents add a rustic and authentic touch to the space, which fits perfectly with the farmhouse aesthetic. It comes in various textures, colors, and patterns, allowing homeowners to add unique and personalized touches to their farmhouse design. 

Shea McGee designed this serene and welcoming space, which features a grand stone fireplace and stone accent walls that extend to the kitchen. Colorful throw pillows in green and yellow prints add a hint of country charm.

Stone Fireplace and Accent Wall

Stone Fireplace and Accent Wall
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

14. Comfortable Oversized Seating Options

Opt for comfortable and stylish furniture for your modern farmhouse living room. Look for furniture with clean lines and a touch of rustic charm. 

Choose plush and inviting sofas and armchairs with soft fabrics like linen or cotton. Consider incorporating leather with distressed finishes or reclaimed wood accents to add a farmhouse touch.

This open-concept living room, designed by Lexi Grace, features a large sectional, leather accent chairs, and a stunning view of an outdoor pool and seating area. 

Comfortable Oversized Furniture

Comfortable & Oversized Furniture
Image courtesy of Lexi Grace

15. Include Greenery in the Design

Bringing the outdoors in is a key aspect of modern farmhouse design. Incorporate greenery and natural elements into your living room to add life and freshness. 

Potted plants, large trees, fresh flowers, trailing vines, and branches displayed in decorative pottery are also natural elements that add visual interest and create a more vibrant living environment.

Two potted trees and a vase filled with branches add a warm, organic touch of green to a farmhouse living room designed by Amy Storm. 

Decorating with Greenery

Decorating with Greenery
Image courtesy of Amy Storm Design

16. Feature Wood Ceiling Beams

Adding wood ceiling beams is a great way to incorporate a classic farmhouse design element into your living room. The warmth and natural texture of the wood will add character and charm to your space. 

Consider pairing the wood beams with a white shiplap ceiling and light walls to create a bright, airy atmosphere. The wood beams will act as a focal point in the room, making a statement without overpowering the other design elements. 

Interior designer Lauren Nelson brought beautiful wood tones into this warm and inviting living room through wood flooring, ceiling beams, and accent furniture. The wildlife print hung above the fireplace adds rich green tones to the space, bringing the outdoors in. 

Wood Ceiling Beams

Wood Flooring & Ceiling Beams
Image courtesy of Lauren Nelson Design

17. Maximize Natural Light

Natural light is an essential element when designing a living room. It not only brightens up the space but also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Large windows, skylights, and glass doors can maximize the natural light that enters the room. 

In addition to natural light, light-colored walls, furniture, and decor can help reflect and amplify it, creating an even brighter and more inviting space.

Amber Lewis is a master at designing exceptionally well-layered interiors, and this living room, with its flood of natural sunlight, warm textures, and earth tones, is a clear indication of this. 

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Natural Light 
Image courtesy of Amber Lewis Design

18. Include Modern Rustic Design Elements

modern rustic design approach in a farmhouse living room combines the simplicity of rustic design with clean lines and modern elements of contemporary design. For this design aesthetic, incorporate natural materials such as stone and wood, warm earth tones, and textures into the space and combine them with rustic home decor accents. 

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer designed this welcoming living room by combining shiplap walls, a stone fireplace, wood beams, warm-toned flooring, and modern rustic accent pieces. 

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Living Room
Image courtesy of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

19. Fireplace as a Focal Point

A fireplace provides warmth and comfort, making it the perfect focal point for any living room. Consider placing furniture around the fireplace when designing your farmhouse living room to create a cozy seating area. 

Decorate the mantle with natural elements like greenery, wood accents, and candles to enhance the farmhouse aesthetic. A rustic wood beam or stone fireplace surround can add texture and charm to your space. 

A stone fireplace takes center stage in a living room designed by Shea McGee. Paired with oversized furniture, dreamy textures, and plenty of greenery, this striking living room offers a warm and welcoming spot to relax and visit with guests. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room with a Fireplace

Modern Farmhouse Living Room with a Fireplace
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

20. Large Wooden Coffee Table

A large wood coffee table in a farmhouse living room adds a warm and inviting feel. The wood material complements the neutral color palette and natural elements, such as greenery and woven fabrics, commonly found in farmhouse design. 

A large coffee table offers a practical solution for entertaining guests or displaying décor, like books and decorative objects. It also serves as a central focal point that anchors the seating area.

In the image below, JDP Interiors designed a farmhouse living room with warm ceramic pottery, striped accent pillows, and a large wooden coffee table. 

Large Wood Coffee Table

Large Wood Coffee Table
Image courtesy of JDP Interiors

21. Opt For An Open-Concept Design

With an open-concept design, the farmhouse living room becomes the heart of the home, where family and friends can gather and relax. Choose furniture and decor that complements the overall design aesthetic to keep it balanced and cohesive. 

Think oversized furniture, pillows, throws, and home decor in a coordinating color palette. Use area rugs to define the different areas of the space, and incorporate open shelving and floating shelves to display your favorite decor items. 

This open-concept living room designed by the Lifestyled Co. perfectly balances white and black elements with warm wood tones. The high-contrast color scheme is carried into the kitchen and dining area.

Open Concept Farmhouse Living Area

Open Concept Design
Image courtesy of Lifestyled Co.

22. Feature Architectural Elements

Architectural details are an essential element of modern farmhouse design. They add character, charm, and a sense of history to your living room. Consider incorporating elements like exposed beams, shiplap walls, or barn doors to create a rustic and authentic farmhouse feel.

Exposed beams can add architectural interest to your living room while providing a visual connection to the farmhouse roots. Shiplap walls, made of horizontal wooden planks, can add texture and a touch of rustic charm to your space. Barn doors, whether used as actual doors or as decorative elements, can be a focal point in your living room, adding a farmhouse touch and creating visual interest.

In a living room designed by Amy Storm, architectural details such as a textured wood ceiling design, wood beams, and white shiplap walls show an eye for detail that adds farmhouse charm and character.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Featuring Architectural Details
Image courtesy of Amy Storm Design

23. Embrace Cozy Textiles

To create a truly cozy and inviting living room, embrace cozy textiles by layering different textures and fabrics to add warmth and comfort. Consider adding throw blankets, plush pillows, and soft area rugs. These textiles will enhance the overall comfort of your space and add visual interest and depth.

West of Main Design is well known for using cozy and sumptuous textiles in their interiors. Here, they have used throw pillows, woven blankets, and decorative objects on the coffee table to create a perfectly layered seating area. 

Cozy Living Room Ideas

Cozy Farmhouse Living Room
Image courtesy of West of Main Design

24. Large Area Rug to Ground the Space

A large area rug in a farmhouse living room can add warmth, texture, and visual interest. It can also help to define the seating area and anchor the furniture arrangement. A rug with a neutral color scheme or a subtle pattern can provide a cohesive backdrop for other design elements to shine. 

Interior designer Katie Hodges designed this rich and earthy living room, featuring a shiplap ceiling, warm and vibrant fall hues, and a large, wide-striped chocolate and tan area rug.

Farmhouse Living Room with Large Area Rug

Farmhouse Living Room with Large Area Rug
Image courtesy of Katie Hodges Design

25. Shades of Green

Decorating with green in a farmhouse living room can create a fresh and natural feel. Bring in green through textiles such as throw pillows, curtains, and area rugs. 

Choose patterns that incorporate green tones, such as botanical prints or stripes. A green velvet sofa or accent chair can also add color to the space. Consider painting an accent wall in a soft green hue for a more subtle approach. 

Mark Cunningham brought beautiful green and grey tones into this warm, inviting farmhouse living room with a modern flair. 

Farmhouse Living Room with Green Walls

Farmhouse Living Room with Green Walls
Image courtesy of Mark Cunningham Design

26. Incorporate Rustic Elements

Adding rustic elements to a farmhouse living room is a great way to infuse warmth and charm. Rustic decor can be incorporated through wood accents, vintage items, and natural textures. Natural textures such as woven baskets, wool throws, and jute rugs add a rustic touch to the space. 

A living room designed by Amber Lewis interiors with rustic elements such as a wood ceiling, flooring and furniture, leather dining room chairs, and black metal pendant lights. 

Rustic Elements

Rustic Elements
Image courtesy of Amber Lewis Design

27. Light & Airy Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments in farmhouse design, light and airy options are a popular choice. Think sheer linen or cotton curtains, woven shades, and even simple white blinds. 

Meghan Eisenberg completed this warm and inviting space with a beautiful window treatment that allows golden light to filter through. 

Window Treatment

Window Treatment
Image courtesy of Meghan Eisenberg Design

28. Showcase Statement Artwork

Statement artwork can be a great addition to a farmhouse living room, adding a pop of color, texture, and personality. Large, oversized artwork can serve as a focal point and anchor the room, while smaller pieces can be arranged in a gallery wall for a curated look. 

Look for artwork featuring natural motifs, such as landscapes, animals, or botanicals, or abstract pieces with warm, earthy tones that complement the farmhouse aesthetic. 

Statement Artwork

Statement Artwork
Image courtesy of Lexi Grace Design

29. Remember The Details That Make a House a Home

A house is just a structure made of wood, concrete, and other materials, but a home is where memories are made, and people come together to create a warm and welcoming space. It’s the little details that make a house a home, such as family photos on the wall, blankets on the couch, floral arrangements, and a cozy reading nook.

Katie Hodges adds the perfect finishing touch to a cozy seating area with a soft throw blanket, a pillow in shades of cinnamon, a rustic side table, candles, and an eclectic vase filled with branches.

Details That Make a House a Home

The Details That Make a House a Home
Image courtesy of Katie Hodges Design

Where can I purchase farmhouse decor?

At Buyer Select, we aim to feature the best places to purchase decor by design style. If you are looking for farmhouse decor, a few notable interior designers have carefully curated selections of everything, including farmhouse furniture, lighting, and decor. They are masters of their craft, and their online shops have beautiful textiles that feature pillows, area rugs, and throw blankets in rich, warm, earthy hues. 

Amber Interiors

Shoppe Amber Interiors is a home and lifestyle store created by lifelong Californian interior designer Amber Lewis and her partner, Mike. 

McGee and Co.

Renowned interior designer Shea McGee expertly curates a wide selection of products spanning pillows, decor, furniture, rugs, art, kitchen accessories, and lighting. 

Lulu and Georgia

As a young woman surrounded by people who were considered pioneers in the interior design scene, Sara Sugarman started her own home decor company. Here, you’ll find exclusive designer collaborations, uniquely curated collections, and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to bring your home to life.

Stoffer Home

Jean Stoffer is a renowned interior designer featured on Magnolia Network’s show The Established Home. She is known for her kitchen-centric, British-inspired, modern, classic style that transforms old homes into elegant, comfortable spaces. 

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