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Looking for bedroom ideas? Browse through a curated selection of beautiful bedroom pictures for large and small bedrooms from the top interior designers. For inspiration by individual area:  home decorating images (all interior and exterior spaces), living roomsdining roomsbathrooms, and beautiful outdoor areas.

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Bedroom Ideas & Tips

Bedroom Room Ideas & Tips

Your master bedroom should be as beautiful as the rooms you enjoy in your waking hours. Whether you want to create a serene retreat or a room that is bright and energetic, here are a few bedroom ideas to help you create a stylish space to sleep in.

Bedroom Ideas 1: How to Make a Bed Properly

The bed is the most important element of a bedroom and should be the show stopping-piece in the space. Play with scale and find a bed that commands the room. A bedroom should also always be cozy, and the easiest way to achieve this is by adding layers.

A beautiful bed always starts with comfortable quality basics, such as the mattress, mattress pad, bed skirt, fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet inserts, pillow inserts. Quick Tip: To extend the life of your mattress, turn it every 3 months. You can tag a corner with a month as a friendly reminder.

Layer on your desired sheeting and create hotel corners for a neat, tailored look by folding the bottom tail diagonally across the side of the bed, and then tuck the excess sheeting under the mattress. Quick Tip: In lieu of ironing, spray bedding with a water bottle with a sprig of lavender to refresh the fabrics.

In your favorite color palette, build a perfect bed by layering a mix of silk, linen, cotton, velvet, and matelassé. The variety of fabrics in multiple layers will take you from season to season. Use a duvet, duvet insert, a quilt, euro shams, sleeping pillows as well as standard shams.

For a smooth, clean look, secure the insert inside the duvet cover and shake out the duvet and shake out the cover to free most of the wrinkles. Fluff it up to prevent bunching. Quick Tip: To easily fill cases, fold the pillows in half before inserting and fluff each pillow up before placing on the bed. For a fuller look, put a small amount of batting in the corners of your Euro Shams and fluff them each time you make the bed.

The formula for a beautiful queen size bed is Two Euros, Two Standard Cases, and Two Decorative Standard Pillows. A quilt adds a finished, more tailored look and can be used when needed for extra warmth. Another option is to lay the quilt over the bed, shake out the duvet and fold it in half or thirds for an extra cozy look.

Bedroom Ideas | How to Make a Bed

Bedroom Ideas 2: Choose the Color Palette

Color can instantly change the look of the room. Think about what type of mood you want to create. Whether it’s a soothing space to escape at the end of the day or a room that will energize you first thing in the morning, it’s important to consider how the room will make you feel.

A neutral palette is a popular choice in bedroom design, as it provides an atmosphere that’s easy to relax in. Try soft whites with a bit of warmth to keep the room feeling cozy. If you’re looking for a more dramatic transformation, consider painting your bedroom walls in your favorite hue. It’s important to remember that linens, pillows, rugs, throws, artwork, and lamps can be used to bring in pops of color.

For a tranquil space, cool colors such as blue, purple and darker blue-greens create a calming space, while warm brights such as yellow, red and orange are options for a room filled with activity and fun.

Bedroom Ideas 3: Create a Memory Wall

A memory wall is easy to create and is the perfect way to get creative with any space in your home, including the bedroom. Start by choosing the frames you want, and decide whether you want a uniform and cohesive design with similar frames, or an eclectic look with frames in different sizes and shapes. Avoid choosing too many small frames, or the wall will appear cluttered.

Plan out the design before hanging anything on the wall. Traces the edges of the picture frames onto paper and cut them out. This allows you to tape the pictures using painter’s tape to the wall to start designing the perfect layout.

Once the right look is achieved, make a mark on the paper to represent where the nails should go. You’re now ready to celebrate your family with memories created over the years.

Bedroom Ideas 4: Canopy Beds

A good way to make a strong visual statement in the bedroom is to add a canopy bed. Although these types of beds trace back to the Medieval period, they’re just as popular a choice for bedroom furniture now – and the trend is on the rise. For a classic bedroom design, the four-poster canopy is a great choice. The posts are located on the four corners of the bed to support a frame, which can be draped with fabric to create an elegant, cozy and romantic look.

If you prefer more of a sleek look, leaving a four-poster canopy undressed retains an open and airy feel and can add a sense of architecture to the room. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from – ranging from French Country to Contemporary. The contemporary designs are sleeker in design and serve as a gorgeous addition to any design style.

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