25 Coastal Bedroom Ideas For A Calming Oasis

By Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen | Published on May 14, 2024 | 

Coastal Bedroom Ideas: Coastal bedrooms embody the tranquility of the beach, offering a calming retreat no matter your location. Imagine waking to the soft hues of sand and sea, natural textures, and the airy feel of a gentle ocean breeze.

The foundation of your coastal haven starts with the bed. Opt for a material that speaks to your comfort and style – be it the plush embrace of an upholstered linen bed, the natural texture of seagrass, or the warmth of wood. Remember, your comfort is key!

Indulge in layers of cozy bedding. Pile on soft, fluffy duvets and pillows, and don’t forget a throw for extra snuggling. Think of textures that will add visual interest and adapt to the seasons. 

Swap chunky winter throws for light linen ones in summer, keeping your space fresh and inviting year-round. A plush rug beside the bed provides a soft landing spot for your toes as you start your day. 

Natural textures are the hallmarks of coastal style. Linen, raffia, wood, cotton, rattan, and jute add richness and visual interest. These versatile materials work beautifully throughout the year. Feature image courtesy of Mabley Handler Design.

Here are a few beautifully designed coastal bedrooms by top interior designers: 

Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas
Image courtesy of Country Living (Mark D. Sikes Design)

1. Choose a Soothing Coastal Color Palette

Interior designer Mindy Gayer created this serene bedroom in coastal tranquility. Soaring ceilings and expansive windows frame calming vistas, while a soothing palette of sandy beige is accented with crisp white and blue accents

A modern black-stained oak canopy bed takes center stage, its drama accentuated by an oversized charcoal rattan pendant light. A custom upholstered sofa at the foot of the bed invites relaxation, while a striped area rug, leather ottoman, and elegant throw pillows add layers of texture and comfort.

Modern Coastal Bedroom

Modern Coastal Bedroom With Warm Textures
Image courtesy of Mindy Gayer Design

2. Layer In Natural Materials & Organic Textures

Studio McGee transforms this bedroom into a breezy coastal escape. White board and batten grid paneling create a classic backdrop, while playful textiles and a soothing color palette add a touch of whimsy.

Shea masterfully weaves coastal elements into the design. The bed boasts woven details, the dresser features textured wood and a light fixture with a shell-like texture completes the look.

A clever surprise awaits beneath the window – a cozy two-seater settee. This unexpected seating area breathes new life into the corner, fostering relaxation and connection for the family. It’s a beautiful and functional space, a true hallmark of Studio McGee’s design philosophy.

Coastal Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Coastal Bedroom With Organic Texture
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

3. Create a Moody Vibe With Shades of Green

A moody and dramatic scene unfolds as you enter the primary suite from the hallway. The ebony-stained ceiling draws your eye upwards, while rich wall paneling in Dunn Edwards Reclaimed Wood adds a touch of rustic elegance. A stunning wallpaper mural adds a personalized touch behind the custom-built white oak and boucle bed. 

The remaining walls are swathed in a soothing Dunn Edwards Muslin, creating a serene backdrop. The custom bed, designed by Lindye Galloway, is the undeniable star of the show. Its plush boucle fabric complements the matching bench, creating an inviting haven. Natural textures abound, with tall potted plants nestled in wicker baskets adding a touch of organic warmth. 

Coastal Decorating Ideas

Moody Coastal Bedroom
Image courtesy of Lindye Galloway Design

4. Introduce Soft Hues of Blue & Tan For a Coastal Vibe

K. & Co. Living crafts a tranquil haven in this organic bedroom. Soft hues of blue and tan create a calming atmosphere, with the Bernhardt Palma Woven Abaca canopy bed as the focal point.

The bed’s natural woven texture invites relaxation. Layers of bedding in pale blue, tan, and white echo the soothing color palette. Warm light wood flooring adds a touch of warmth, while linen Roman shades on the windows surrounding the bed provide a sense of privacy and softness.

The finishing touch is pale-textured blue wallpaper that adds depth and visual interest without overwhelming the serene ambiance. This bedroom is a testament to the power of layering and organic textures to create a luxurious and inviting space.

Coastal Bedroom Design Ideas

Light & Airy Coastal Bedroom
Image courtesy of  K & Co Living

5. Soft Linen Bedding & Throw Pillows

Interior designer Bria Hammel creates a light and airy oasis in this modern coastal bedroom. Layers of cozy white linen bedding invite relaxation, while a lightweight coverlet and faded blue accent pillows add a touch of sunbleached charm. This breezy feel is further accentuated by the high ceiling, painted a crisp white in contrast to the warm gray walls.

The focal point of the room is a stunning chinoiserie mural. Delicate flowers and flying birds adorn the warm gray background, adding a touch of whimsical femininity. Delicate patterned stripe curtains frame the windows, echoing the elegance of the mural. A sparkling iron and crystal chandelier hangs above the bed to complete the romantic ambiance, casting a soft glow.

Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Coastal Color Scheme Ideas
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

6. Interject A Touch of Elegance

An elegant bedroom designed by Bria Hammel with a bronze crystal chandelier that served as the starting point of this room. A classic poster bed and a soft-stain finish nightstand create an understated luxury atmosphere. But the real showstopper is the captivating mural—its peaceful, garden-like aesthetic brings the outdoors in.

The pièce de résistance? A fireplace paired with a cleverly disguised Frame TV. “It looks like a piece of artwork,” Hammel says, “but it’s actually a television.” This ingenious solution marries functionality with form, ensuring entertainment and relaxation within this serene retreat.

Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Elegant Coastal Bedroom
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

7. Create a Boho Beach House Vibe

Neutral tones provide a serene backdrop, allowing subtle bohemian charm to shine through in a coastal style bedroom designed by Mabley Handler. Blue linen bedding and throw pillows create a striking contrast against the crisp white walls and ceiling.

The focus shifts to the foot of the bed, where two braided fringe poufs inject a playful dose of boho flair juxtaposed with the sleek lines of the contemporary accent chairs. This delightful play of patterns and textures continues onto the windows, where Kravet’s Boheme blue and white curtains add a whimsy touch. Light wood flooring completes the look, grounding the space with warmth.

Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Bright & Cheerful Coastal Bedroom
Image courtesy of Mabley Handler Design

8. Coastal Design With Farmhouse Charm

This charming bedroom exudes the warmth and comfort of a farmhouse oasis infused with a touch of coastal charm. A palette of crisp whites, soothing blues, and subtle browns creates a calming atmosphere. Taupe shiplap walls add a touch of rustic texture, while warm accents throughout the space invite relaxation.

A bouquet of fresh florals nestled in a country crock adds a touch of homey charm, echoed by the brown and white checkered duvet and throw pillows. Blue and white stripes on an accent chair subtly introduce a coastal vibe, harmonizing perfectly with the large jute area rug and rattan pendant light.

Cozy Beach House Bedroom

Cozy Beach House Bedroom
Image courtesy of  Serena & Lily

9. Coastal Country Bedroom

Interior designer Bria Hammel masterfully blends country charm with coastal cool in this bedroom retreat. A pale blue bed is the anchor, while crisp white bedding and sheer white drapery create a sense of airy serenity. Warm wood flooring adds a touch of rustic warmth.

The playful mix of patterns in the pillows adds a touch of personality, while botanical prints framed in brass adorn the walls, echoing the country theme. A pale gray bench at the foot of the bed provides additional seating, and soft green floral accent pillows introduce a touch of whimsy – a nod to the country aesthetic.

Farmhouse Coastal Bedroom

Farmhouse Coastal Bedroom In Soft Hues
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

10. Wood Flooring & Ceiling Beams for A Classic Coastal Look

This serene primary bedroom by K & Co. Living is an ode to coastal living. Warm wood flooring and ceiling beams create rustic charm against the crisp white backdrop. Subtle shades of blue peek in, adding a refreshing coastal touch.

The focal point is a luxurious built-in window seat boasting ample storage. Plush decorative dark blue, light blue and white pillows invite relaxation, while a white and gray Roman shade ensures privacy. Flanking the window seat are styled shelves, perfect for displaying artwork, sculptural vases, and favorite books. Open shelving on either side adds a touch of functionality and allows for personalized touches.

Coastal Decorating Ideas

Serene Coastal Bedroom
Image courtesy of  K & Co Living

11. Blend Beach Style Bedrooms With A Touch Of California Cool

K & Co. Living masterfully blends California cool with a touch of traditional beach house charm in this primary bedroom. Gone are the bold ocean blues – instead, a soothing palette of warm beige and the palest of gray-blues creates a tranquil haven.

Texture takes center stage: a plush carpet, a captivating textured wallpaper, and layers upon layers of textured bedding add depth and visual interest. This harmonious layering complements the boho beach vibe present throughout the house, while the elegant four-poster bed injects a touch of luxury.

Lake Home Bedroom Ideas

Lake Home Bedroom Ideas
Image courtesy of  K & Co Living

12. Create a Coastal Feel With A White Palette

With this calm and inviting space, Sarah Richardson proves her mastery of designing beach style bedrooms. An all-white palette reigns supreme, with even the wooden ceiling beams echoing the purity. This creates a sense of openness and serenity, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Coastal elements are introduced through natural textures, not bold colors. Seagrass accents, rattan lamps, and wicker details add a touch of organic warmth. Pale wood floors and a light wood bed maintain the soft and airy feel. Subtle hints of pale blue in the accessories add a gentle reminder of the ocean without disrupting the tranquil atmosphere. 

Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom

Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom
Image courtesy of  Sarah Richardson Design

13. Hang Artwork In Coastal Colors

Meg McSherry crafts a serene primary suit in this beautifully designed bedroom. A captivating art print in shades of blue and seafoam green sets the tone for the space, its calming colors reflected in the relaxed linen bedding with a slightly rumpled look.

On either side of the bed, cane end tables with a patina wood finish add a touch of rustic charm. Floor-to-ceiling sheer blue curtains gently filter natural light, creating a sense of airiness. Crisp white walls and ceilings complete the clean and calming aesthetic. The color palette – white, light blue, and tan – evokes a sense of the coast without being overly literal. 

Beach House Bedroom Ideas

Beach Home Bedroom
Image courtesy of Meg McSherry Design

14. Consider Color Drenching The Walls In A Pale Blue Hue

Meg McSherry is known for her stunning use of paneling, cabinetry, and trim. A gorgeous shade of blue washes over most surfaces, fostering a sense of calm and cohesion. Open shelving, a McSherry trademark, becomes a platform to showcase coastal decor and treasures. Weathered ceramic and clear glass vases, books, wicker baskets, and coastal artwork all come together to tell a story of the sea.

While this is an image of an office, the design’s calming color palette and focus on natural textures would translate perfectly to a serene bedroom retreat. This space exemplifies Meg McSherry’s ability to create a signature style that transcends functionality.

Bedroom Seating Area

Built-In Seating Area
Image courtesy of Meg McSherry Design

15. Incorporate a Beach Resort Design Aesthetic

K. & Co. Living wanted the primary bedroom to embody a getaway feeling—part California cottage, part boutique beach resort. The result is a space designed in a palette of modern whites, creams, tans, and soft blues. The high ceilings are perfectly complemented by a farmhouse-style canopy bed crafted from oak and rubberwood veneers, its clean lines echoing the overall light and airy feel.

An ivory and taupe embroidered coverlet made of 100% cotton chenille graces the bed for summer comfort. The handwoven grasscloth wallpaper provides subtle texture and a touch of organic warmth, while hundreds of tiny cream wood beads woven into the chandelier add a coastal touch. A unique handcrafted blue mirror completes the space with its sculpted leaves crafted from aluminum and steel to resemble aged cast iron.  

Coastal Primary Bedroom

Coastal Primary Bedroom
Image courtesy of  K & Co Living

16. Layer Coastal Patterns & Textures

This delightful bedroom by Serena & Lily celebrates playful patterns and textures. Every element, from furniture to home décor and bedding, hails from their own collection, creating a truly cohesive look.

The whimsical Priano pattern takes center stage, gracing both the wallpaper and the accent chair. A touch of nautical charm is introduced with the Westport seersucker duvet cover in French blue, its white and blue stripes adding a touch of graphic interest.

A curved rattan headboard takes center stage for a dose of natural texture. Navy blue end tables flank the bed, each topped with a brass lamp and a crisp white shade, completing the balanced composition.

Coastal Wallpaper

Coastal Wallpaper In The Bedroom
Image courtesy of  Serena & Lily

17. Pair Stripes With Florals

This Pottery Barn bedroom is a breath of fresh air, capturing the essence of a light and airy coastal retreat. The centerpiece is a bed that exudes relaxed refinement with its natural wood frame and breezy cane detailing. Side tables echo the same theme, creating a cohesive look.

Simple lines and traditional details ensure a timeless aesthetic, while the natural textures add warmth and dimension. A natural fiber rug in a hue that complements the cane detailing creates a grounded feel, contrasting beautifully with the crisp white and blue striped and floral patterned bedding. Layers upon layers of textiles on the bed invite you to sink in and relax. Light blue lampshades add a final touch of serenity, completing the picture of coastal comfort.

Using Natural Fibers in the Bedroom

Coastal Bedding 
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

18. Natural Light Streaming Through The Windows

Christina Kim Design crafts a calming haven in this bedroom. Natural light streams through the window, illuminating a wood ceiling and a canopy bed with a seagrass headboard. The raw beauty of these natural elements creates a sense of tranquility.

Linen bedding in a soothing solid blue rests on the bed, accented with crisp blue and white striped pillows. Two soft pink accent chairs positioned invitingly in front of the window, framed by light blue curtains, introduce a touch of unexpected femininity.

Bedroom Design Ideas

Coastal Decor Ideas
Image courtesy of Christina Kim Design

19. Balanced Design With Dreamy Details

Step into a coastal sanctuary designed by Kate Marker. Dreamy details greet you at every turn, from the exposed beams overhead to the charming rattan-wrapped light fixture casting a warm glow. 

This beautifully balanced space is the perfect place to start your day. A cool gray palette is a serene backdrop with warm tones and whites that add depth and energy. The clean lines are softened by the introduction of gently curved pieces, like the nightstand and the side table, creating a touch of whimsy and visual interest.

Coastal Decorating Ideas

Coastal Bedroom Ideas
Image courtesy of Kate Marker Interiors

20. Choose Coastal Inspired Bedding

Close your eyes and imagine the Mediterranean breeze, the vibrant blue domes glistening under the Aegean sun, and the soft white sand beneath your toes. This bedding captures the essence of a Santorini summer.

The fil-coupe weave creates a shimmering diamond pattern reminiscent of sparkling Aegean waters. Lush geometric embroidery in vivid blues evokes the iconic domes and the vibrant spirit of Greece.

Coastal Bedding

Coastal Bedding
Image courtesy of Eastern Accents

21. Add in Rustic Design Elements

This bedroom defies expectations with a unique coastal twist. A large antler chandelier, a statement piece commonly seen in mountain lodges, takes center stage. The unexpected pairing with a cozy, dark, weathered wood and brick fireplace creates a sense of rustic warmth.

Clear glass lamps topped with natural rattan shades add a touch of coastal lightness, balancing the darker elements. The bed is a serenity canvas featuring a pale blue linen duvet and Euro shams, offset by darker blue pillows to add depth. Crisp white walls and warm wood flooring complete the look.

Modern Rustic Coastal Bedroom

Modern Rustic Coastal Bedroom
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

22. Keep The Lines Clean For A Nordic-Inspired Coastal Bedroom

Drawing inspiration from the home’s coastal setting, Lindye Galloway’s team crafted a space that seamlessly blends coastal elements with a natural, Nordic aesthetic. This project held special significance, as it was the childhood home of a dear client. The design team’s challenge was to honor cherished memories while infusing a fresh, modern feel.

A neutral color palette forms the foundation, punctuated with pops of boldness and layers of texture for a unique and visually exciting space. Warm wood wall paneling in the bedroom evokes a sense of coziness reminiscent of the client’s childhood. 

Crisp white bedding provides a serene backdrop, accented with a blue throw blanket at the foot of the bed. Clean lines throughout the design ensure a timeless aesthetic.

Primary Coastal Bedroom

Primary Coastal Bedroom
Image courtesy of Lindye Galloway Design

23. Choose A Statement Light Fixture

Pure Salt Interiors crafts coastal tranquility in this bedroom. A warm and inviting palette of soft browns, tans, and whites creates a sense of organic serenity. Layered textures add depth and visual interest, while the sheer white drapery ensures the space feels light and airy.

The centerpiece is a stunning oval chandelier. Its three tiers of ivory beads, encased in a gold frame, make a captivating statement above the bed. Layers of cozy linen bedding continue the theme of comfort and inviting relaxation. Natural textures are woven throughout the space, evident in the layered rugs that complete the picture.

White Coastal Bedroom

White Coastal Bedroom Ideas
Image courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors

24. Add In Warm Hints Of Golden Browns

West of Main creates a bedroom that exudes both elegance and warmth. Crisp white linen bedding takes center stage, inviting relaxation. Soft gray and brown accent pillows and blankets add a touch of depth and visual interest, keeping the palette sophisticated.

A graceful curving archway welcomes you into the space, hinting at the serenity that awaits. A leather and wood bench provides a comfortable perch at the foot of the bed. White end tables flank the bed, each topped with a taupe-colored lamp and a crisp white shade, maintaining the clean lines and balanced composition.

Layering Bedding

Layering Bedding
Image courtesy of West of Main Interiors

25. Layering Shades of Blue

Havenly creates a tranquil haven in this bedroom. Soft blue-gray hues wash over the space, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere. The key element of this serene design is the captivating wallpaper. Its pattern and color are the perfect backdrop, setting the stage for the rest of the room’s elements. Wood flooring adds a touch of warmth and grounds the space, preventing it from feeling too cool or ethereal.

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