25 Coastal Kitchen Ideas To Elevate Your Beach Home

By Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen | Published on May 14, 2024 | 

Are you dreaming of creating a modern coastal kitchen that seamlessly blends style and function? Look no further! This article will take you on a journey to discover the perfect blend of style and function for your coastal kitchen.

With the coastal theme gaining popularity in interior design, it’s no wonder that homeowners are opting for this refreshing and soothing aesthetic in their kitchens. Imagine being surrounded by serene colors, natural textures, and a breezy atmosphere while whipping up culinary masterpieces. Get ready to bring the coastal charm into your home! Feature image courtesy of O’Brien Harris.

Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Modern Coastal Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Image courtesy of K. & Co. Living

Design Elements of Coastal Kitchens

When it comes to creating a modern coastal kitchen, there are several key features that can help you achieve the desired look and feel. One of the most important aspects of a coastal kitchen is the color palette. 

Soft, soothing colors like shades of blue, green, and white, which are reminiscent of the ocean, can instantly create a serene atmosphere. These colors can be incorporated through paint, tiles, or even cabinetry. 

Another essential feature is the use of natural materials. Think reclaimed wood, rattan, and woven textures. These elements bring a sense of warmth and organic beauty to the space. 

Here are a few beautifully designed coastal kitchens by top interior designers: 

Modern Coastal Kitchen

Modern Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Marriane Simon Design

1. Choose A Coastal Color Palette

In a modern coastal kitchen, the color palette sets the tone for the entire space, influencing how you feel and interact with it. Consider a palette inspired by the ocean for a calming and relaxing atmosphere. 

Shades of blue and green, like those used by Benjamin Dhong Interiors (pictured below), instantly evoke a sense of serenity. Notice how they’ve employed these colors strategically: crisp white cabinets provide a clean backdrop, while the blue island base introduces a splash of color. 

Finally, the blue and white coastal dining chairs subtly reinforce the theme. This example demonstrates how you can incorporate these calming hues throughout your kitchen – on walls, cabinets, or even as accents through splashes of color in accessories and textiles. 

Coastal Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Modern Coastal Kitchen With Warm Textures
Image courtesy of Benjamin Dhong Interiors

2. Bring In Outdoor Elements

A modern coastal kitchen isn’t just about the color palette – it’s about capturing the essence of the seaside. To achieve this, weave in natural elements that blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Plants and fresh flowers are a fantastic starting point, as exemplified by Andrew Howard’s Design (pictured below). Vibrant floral and leafy displays in shades of yellow and green add a burst of color and freshness, instantly infusing the space with life. 

Beach Home Kitchen Ideas

Light & Bright Beach Home Kitchen
Image courtesy of Andrew Howard Design

3. Choose Rattan, Seagrass, Or Woven Counter Stools

The right seating can elevate your modern coastal kitchen from functional to fabulous. Rattan or woven chairs, like those used by Pure Salt Interiors (pictured below), are a perfect way to introduce a touch of the seaside. 

These natural materials add visual interest with their unique textures and create a sense of warmth and comfort, inviting you to linger and enjoy the space. Pure Salt Interiors masterfully complements the seagrass counter stools with Tabarka backsplash tiles. 

The lively pattern of the tiles adds a touch of personality and keeps the space from feeling too monochromatic. This interplay of texture and pattern is key to creating a visually stimulating yet serene coastal haven.

Unique Backsplash In Blues & Tans

Unique Backsplash in Blues & Tans
Image courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors

4. Utilize An Open-Concept Layout Whenever Possible

The open concept layout takes center stage in this stunning modern coastal kitchen designed by K. and Co. Living. By eliminating unnecessary walls or partitions, they’ve created a seamless flow between the cooking, dining, and living areas. 

Natural light is a hallmark of coastal style, and the open-concept layout maximizes its potential. Sunlight can freely flow throughout the space, creating a bright, airy feel that reflects the seaside vibe.

Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Coastal Kitchen With Light Wood Ceiling Beams
Image courtesy of  K & Co Living

5. Pair White Kitchen Cabinets With A Blue Kitchen Island

Blue is having a moment in kitchen design, and for good reason. Unlike many colors, blue is versatile, acting almost as a neutral. It offers a broad spectrum of tones, allowing you to create a dramatic statement with deep, bold hues or a light and airy feel with softer shades.

Cloth & Kind Interiors demonstrates this beautifully in the image below. They’ve opted for crisp white kitchen cabinets, creating a clean and bright foundation. The white glossy chevron backsplash adds a touch of visual interest, while warm wood accents introduce warmth. The true star of the show, however, is the island base. Clad in a stunning blue-gray, it injects color without overwhelming the space. 

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Cloth & Kind Interiors

6. Bring In Metallics for a Warm Glow

Sarah Richardson strikes a beautiful balance between modern and warm elements in this modern coastal kitchen design. The focal point is the large, soft gray island with a white quartz countertop, offering ample prep and seating space. Five Arteriors Wyndham swivel stools, perfectly positioned along the island’s length, invite conversation and casual meals.

Overhead, a white wood plank ceiling adds a touch of rustic charm. Two gold hammered dome light pendants, their metallic gleam echoed in the gold accent panels flanking the island base, are suspended from this ceiling. This cohesive use of gold adds a touch of luxury without overwhelming the space.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets
Image courtesy of Sarah Richardson Design

7. Incorporate a Shiplap Wall

Whittney Parkinson’s delightful kitchen blends country charm with coastal cool. Cream-colored cabinets set the tone for a warm and inviting cooking space. The navy blue plank kitchen island introduces a touch of nautical flair. This bold statement piece instantly captures the eye and injects deep navy blue. 

The strategic placement of shiplap on a feature wall between the upper and lower cabinets adds a touch of rustic charm, bridging the gap between the country and coastal aesthetics. Industrial swivel stools provide edgy contrast, while the black and white vintage pendants complete the picture with a touch of timeless style. 

Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen

Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen
Image courtesy of Whittney Parkinson Design

8. Use Two-Tone Cabinetry For Contrast

Joselyn Rendon Interiors transformed a dark, dated kitchen in Murrieta, CA, into a bright, happy oasis with undeniable West Coast charm. White and soft gray backsplash tiles grace the walls, reflecting the California sunshine. This light and bright foundation is further complemented by the vibrant blue lower cabinets, a pop of color that injects personality and visual interest.

The coastal theme continues underfoot with weathered gray wood flooring reminiscent of driftwood washed ashore. Natural elements are woven throughout the design, adding warmth and a touch of earthiness. With their natural texture, Rattan stools provide comfortable seating, while window treatments in similar materials complete the picture.

Beach Home Kitchen Ideas

Cozy Beach House Kitchen With Turquoise Cabinets
Image courtesy of  Joselyn Rendon Design

9. Small Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Blogger Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar brings the calming charm of the coast right into his renovated beach house kitchen. A carefully curated palette sets the tone: deep navy blue cabinets create a grounding effect, while soft, cool grays add a touch of serenity. 

Natural elements weave throughout the space, fostering a sense of connection to the outdoors. Pale European oak floors add warmth underfoot, while the clean lines of white shiplap walls evoke a sense of coastal simplicity. Pale blue-gray subway tiles create a timeless backsplash, perfectly complementing the navy cabinetry.

Thoughtful details elevate the design. Gleaming brass hardware knobs and a faucet add a touch of luxury, while natural rope bar stools provide a textural counterpoint. Hexagon-shaped hardware knobs subtly echo the shape of the two bronze and brass pendant lights suspended over a designated peninsula.

Small Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Small Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Bright Bazaar Blog

10. Pair White Subway Tiles With White Shiplap Walls

Unobstructed views take center stage in this Southampton kitchen by SUK Design Group, thanks to a deliberate choice of understated and timeless elements. Classic white on the walls and ceiling creates a sense of openness and allows natural light to flood the space. 

The glass-front cabinetry, also painted a crisp white, seamlessly integrates with the surroundings, further amplifying the feeling of light and airiness. The backsplash, a timeless choice of gleaming white subway tile, plays a vital role. It acts as a reflective surface, bouncing light from the windows even deeper into the kitchen. 

This design strategy ensures that every corner of the space is bathed in natural light, further highlighting the beauty of the coastline just beyond. A pair of elegant brass and opaque glass globe pendant lights anchor the cozy island, providing essential illumination without creating a visual barrier.

Southampton Beach House Kitchen

Southampton Beach House Kitchen
Image courtesy of Suk Design

11. Add A Bundle Of Branches

Forget seasonal flowers – consider incorporating preserved branches into your kitchen decor for a touch of enduring style. As designer Kari Arendsen demonstrates in this stunning space, a bundle of bold, preserved branches can add a striking architectural element.

This unexpected choice is particularly effective in minimalist kitchens or those lacking upper cabinetry. The far-reaching branches create a vertical presence, drawing the eye upwards and adding a touch of drama. Their natural beauty complements a variety of design styles, offering a unique and timeless way to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Modern Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Kari Arendsen Design

12. Pair Dark Shades of Blue With White 

Meg McSherry evokes the calming spirit of the coast with a timeless color palette in this kitchen design. Crisp white upper cabinets create a sense of airiness, while the deeper blue lower cabinets ground the space. This classic pairing of dark and light blues instantly sets the coastal mood.

White countertops and a glossy white subway tile backsplash add a touch of contrast and maintain a light and bright feel throughout the room. Meg McSherry has incorporated warm elements to prevent the space from feeling too cool. Gold lighting fixtures and hardware introduce a touch of luxury, while honey-toned light wood floors add a layer of warmth underfoot.

Coastal Kitchen Design
Coastal Kitchen Design

Coastal Kitchen Ideas
Image courtesy of Meg McSherry Design

13. Try a Coastal-Farmhouse Design Approach

Step into a haven that blends coastal charm with rustic warmth, designed by Sarah Blank for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Anchoring the space are the kitchen cabinets in “Blue Dragon” by Benjamin Moore, a buoyant blue that Sarah herself calls “a great Florida color.” This refreshing hue sets the tone for a coastal escape.

But the beauty goes beyond the surface. Woven throughout the design is a subtle nod to history, flora, and fauna. Custom linen shades from The Shade Store diffuse light softly, while the woven linen wallpaper from Carlisle & Co. adds a touch of organic texture. Dekton countertops from Cosentino provide a sleek and durable surface, ensuring the space stays bright and functional.

Rustic Coastal Kitchen

Rustic Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Veranda

14. Consider A Double Island

Consider the advantages of double islands over a single, oversized one for kitchens with ample space. Two islands effectively double your storage capacity, providing dedicated food prep, serving, and casual dining zones. This enhances functionality and promotes better traffic flow within the kitchen.

Morgan Harrison uses a soft blue hue for both islands in this design, topped with elegant white quartz countertops. To add depth and dimension, one island is lined with counter stools in a deeper shade of blue. The crisp white cabinets, stainless steel hardware, and range hood create a balanced and modern aesthetic.

Modern Coastal Kitchen

Modern Coastal Kitchen Ideas
Image courtesy of Morgan Harrison Design

15. Take a Contemporary Coastal Design Approach

Haven Design & Construction elevates contemporary style in this sophisticated coastal kitchen. The centerpiece is a striking geometric island. Its blue-gray base, a cool and calming hue, grounds the space. White marble countertops add a touch of timeless elegance and provide a beautiful contrast.

Five modern counter stools by Vanguard Michael Weiss surround the island. Their white finish complements the countertops, while the brass base injects a touch of warmth and luxury. The drama continues on the backsplash, where a captivating blend of white and gray marble creates a dynamic statement piece. Hints of gold appear throughout the space, evident in the accessories, adding a touch of sophistication.

Contemporary Coastal Kitchen

Contemporary Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Haven Design & Construction

16. Infuse The Space With Layers of Powder Blue

Jarret Design crafts a kitchen imbued with a sense of light and air with a layered approach to powder blue. The cabinetry on the main walls and the island base is enveloped in this calming hue, creating a unified and serene atmosphere.

The glossy subway tiles are coated with a slightly deeper shade of blue to add depth and dimension. This subtle variation prevents the space from feeling flat and adds a touch of visual interest.

Crisp white walls ensure the room stays bright and airy, while warm wood flooring provides a grounding contrast. This thoughtful interplay of color and texture creates a beautiful and inviting kitchen.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets In A Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of  Jarrett Design

17. Introduce Natural Elements

In a Mediterranean-inspired coastal kitchen designed by Studio McGee, wood reigns supreme. This is evident in the cabinetry, the kitchen island base, the ceiling, and the expansive dining room table that beckons gatherings. The theme extends to the dining room chairs, where a combination of wood and leather adds a touch of texture and sophistication.

Off-white tiled flooring provides a neutral base, while warm white walls bathe the space in a gentle glow. Strategically placed throughout the kitchen, open shelving becomes a charming display for cutting boards, wooden bowls, and pottery, emphasizing the connection to nature. 

Mediterranean Coastal Kitchen

Mediterranean Coastal Kitchen Ideas
Image courtesy of Studio McGee

18. Coastal Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen

Lisa Michael Interiors masterfully blends coastal charm with farmhouse warmth in this Florida home. The existing white island received a refreshing makeover in Benjamin Moore’s Abyss, a stunning steel blue. 

The surrounding cabinets are in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, offering a timeless and airy backdrop. Over the range, the design is elevated with hand-painted Carrara tiles framed in picture moldings.

White Carrara marble countertops and subway tiles create a foundation of clean lines and timeless elegance. The butcher block island top introduces a touch of warmth and rustic charm, perfectly complementing the farmhouse aesthetic.

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen Ideas
Image courtesy of Lisa Michael Interiors

19. Use Light Wood Tones For A Coastal Vibe

Light and airy define this elegant coastal kitchen envisioned by designer Courtney Bishop. Warm wood tones flow throughout the flooring, ceiling, and door frame, creating a beautiful contrast against the crisp white shiplap walls and cabinets. 

The true centerpiece is the island, a captivating black, gray, and white marble display. The dramatic waterfall edge countertop adds a touch of modern sophistication. A potted fiddle leaf tree nestled in a basket introduces a touch of organic texture, softening the clean lines and reminding you of the natural world just beyond the kitchen walls.

Coastal Decorating Ideas

Bright and Open Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Cortney Bishop Design

20. Blue & White Seaside Cottage Kitchen Design

Lisa Michael Interiors weaves a delightful tapestry of coastal charm in this charming cottage kitchen. Playful patterns take center stage, adding a touch of whimsy and visual interest.

The blue, gray, and white window treatments set the tone, introducing a nautical color palette without overwhelming the space. This theme continues on the unique backsplash, where a captivating pattern invites the eye to linger.

White kitchen cabinets provide a clean and airy backdrop, reflecting the natural light that streams through the windows. The whitewashed wood plank flooring and ceiling further enhance the spaciousness and evoke a sense of relaxed seaside living.

Cottage Coastal Kitchen

Cottage Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Lisa Michael Interiors

21. Get Creative With The Backsplash

K & Co. Living transforms this space into a modern and multi-functional family gathering area. The centerpiece is a stunning backsplash featuring a captivating circular pattern in soft blues, grays, and whites. This eye-catching element instantly sets the tone for a relaxed and coastal atmosphere.

Picking up on the coastal theme, the kitchen island boasts a base in a coordinating shade of blue, grounded by a beautiful white and gray quartz countertop. A wood hood range and wood flooring add a touch of rustic charm, while woven dining chairs provide a textural counterpoint. Vintage rope and glass pendant lanterns suspended above the island complete the picture, adding a touch of coastal whimsy and functionality.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Coastal Kitchen With Light Wood Flooring
Image courtesy of K. & Co. Living

22. Make Use of Natural Light

Christina Kim, known for her expertise in crafting light and airy beach havens, brings her signature style to this modern coastal home in New Jersey. The space is flooded with natural light, creating a sense of openness and inviting you to connect with the beauty outdoors. 

Exposed wood flooring and ceiling beams add a touch of rustic warmth, while the crisp white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances maintain a sleek and modern aesthetic. Woven baskets strategically placed throughout the kitchen introduce a textural element and a nod to the coastal theme. Amalfi counter stools with seagrass backrests provide comfortable seating and enhance the relaxed vibe.

Kitchen With Wood Beams & Flooring

Wood Beams & Wood Flooring
Image courtesy of Christina Kim Design

23. Nautical-Inspired Kitchen

Martha O’Hara masterfully transforms this galley kitchen into a nautical haven. Her clever design uses contrasting cabinets on either side of the walkway to combat the common “tunnel vision” effect in galley layouts.

One side is rich navy blue, reminiscent of the deep sea, while the other is crisp white. This color variation adds visual interest and prevents the space from feeling constricted. Dark hardwood flooring grounds the space with sophistication, while gleaming gold lighting and hardware fixtures hint at nautical luxury.

Nautical Kitchen Ideas

Nautical Kitchen Ideas
Image courtesy of Marth O’Hara

24. Incorporate A Coffered Ceiling For Coastal Charm

Kate Marker crafts a stunning coastal kitchen that feels both airy and inviting. Overhead, a white plank coffered ceiling adds architectural interest and reflects the natural light that floods the space.

A magnificent oak island takes center stage, boasting a honed marble countertop that exudes timeless elegance. An apron sink with an antique brass deck-mounted faucet completes the picture, adding a touch of vintage charm. Overhead, brass lanterns cast a warm glow, enhancing the inviting atmosphere.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Coastal Kitchen Ideas
Image courtesy of Kate Marker Interiors

25. Rustic Coastal Kitchen With Dark Blue Cabinets

This kitchen embodies the essence of rustic coastal living. Warm wood flooring and exposed ceiling beams create a sense of cozy charm, while dark blue kitchen cabinets add a touch of nautical flair.

A large farmhouse sink takes center stage, inviting family and friends to gather and connect. White shiplap walls add a touch of farmhouse authenticity and complement the warmth of the wood elements. Brass hardware throughout the kitchen adds a touch of sophistication and warmth, completing the picture perfectly.

Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Farmhouse Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Spencer Millwood

Coastal Kitchen Ideas Conclusion

Incorporate fundamental elements of coastal design, such as large windows, natural wood, blue and sandy tones, crisp whites, and beach decor, to create the perfect blend of style and function in your coastal-style kitchen.

Creating a modern coastal kitchen that seamlessly blends style and function is easier than ever with the right ideas and inspiration. From choosing the perfect color palette to incorporating natural elements and maximizing natural light, several key features can help you achieve the desired look and feel. 

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