27 Coastal Living Room Ideas 

By Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen | Published on May 09, 2024 | 

Coastal Living Room Ideas: Close your eyes and picture this: sink into a plush sofa in your living room, feeling a cool ocean breeze whisper through open windows. Breathe in the calming scent of salt air. This isn’t a dream vacation; it’s your everyday reality with a coastal-inspired living room.

Forget the limitations of geography. We’ll guide you through creating a beachside haven right at home. Think soothing blues and whites, reminiscent of the ocean, warmed by rich wood tones. Nautical accents peppered throughout will add a touch of whimsy. 

Imagine coastal artwork adorning the walls and natural textures like woven baskets and sisal rugs grounding the space. Transform your living room into a seaside paradise, a place of tranquility and beauty that evokes the ocean’s serenity every single day. Feature image courtesy of Pineapple House Interiors.

Here are a few design ideas to get you started: 

Modern Coastal Living Room

Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas
Image courtesy of Ponton Interiors

1. Embrace a Coastal Color Scheme With Hints of Navy

Interior designer Sarah Richardson transformed her island cottage into a relaxing space infused with rustic charm. Wraparound windows create the feeling of being perched right over the water, and seating strategically placed around the perimeter ensures every guest enjoys the breathtaking view. 

Shades of blue in the upholstery echo the calming ocean, while a playful mix of ikat, floral, and striped patterns adds a touch of whimsy to the light-filled space. Natural materials such as warm wood flooring, linen upholstery, and wicker baskets make this coastal retreat a serene and inviting oasis. 

Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas

Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas
Image courtesy of Sarah Richardson Design

2. Incorporate Shades of Soft Blues 

Ron Brenner Architects and Kipling House Interiors collaborated to create a masterpiece of upscale coastal design. Light hardwood floors flow seamlessly beneath crisp white walls while layers of soft blue hues bathe the space in tranquility.  

White and gold light fixtures add a touch of elegance, and built-in cabinetry provides a platform to showcase treasured pottery, books, and artwork. Floor-to-ceiling white sheer drapery billows gently in the natural light, emphasizing the home’s airy and sophisticated coastal feel.

Coastal Decorating Ideas

Light & Airy Coastal Living Room Ideas
Image courtesy of Ron Brenner Architects

3. Weave In Natural Textures 

Bria Hammel, a renowned interior designer, weaves natural textures into this East Coast-inspired living room with a coastal twist. Tan sofas sit atop a natural fiber rug, their relaxed positioning inviting conversation. 

A coffee table is placed before a fireplace framed in cool gray stone and topped with a black mantel. Above the fireplace, a gold-framed artwork adds a touch of sophistication. 

Nestled between two blue-striped accent chairs, a white faux bois side table completes the scene. The result? A space that captures the essence of the East Coast coastline, with a touch of coastal comfort brought in through natural textures.

Coastal Color Scheme Ideas

Coastal Color Scheme Ideas
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

4. Maximize the Views 

Interior designer Jamie Merida transformed this Delaware beach house into a home brimming with coastal elegance. A classic blue, white, and sand palette sets the stage for a comfortable and stylish retreat. 

Expansive windows maximize the breathtaking water views, while warm wood floors and accent pieces add a touch of cozy sophistication. The result? A home that feels perfectly in tune with its beachfront location. Texture, color, and pattern are masterfully woven together, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

Coastal Interior Design

Coastal Interior Design
Image courtesy of Jamie Merida Interiors

5. Use Open Shelving To Showcase Treasures

Designer Jennifer Wundrow created an elegant and sophisticated coastal living room bathed in tranquility. Neutral tones form the foundation, accented by delicate shades of blue and white. 

Custom built-in cabinets provide a platform to showcase treasured vases, books, sculptures, and wicker baskets. A touch of the British West Indies is introduced with a hand-woven cane console, its crisp white base the perfect canvas for a fluted marble bowl brimming with coastal charm.

Overhead, a coffered ceiling adds a touch of grandeur, while wainscoting panels grace the walls, lending a sense of architectural depth. The result is a serene and sophisticated space, a true testament to the beauty of coastal design.

Beach Home Decorating Ideas

Beach Home Decorating Ideas
Image courtesy of Jennifer Wundrow Interiors

6. Bring In a Contemporary Coastal Vibe With Clean Lines

K & Co. Living defines modern coastal living in this striking space. Clean lines and soaring high ceilings create a sense of openness while floor-to-ceiling sheer light gray curtains bathe the room in a soft, diffused light. A sophisticated coastal color palette washes over the space, accented by three tall striped vases in shades of gray and white that introduce a touch of pattern and verticality. 

Warm wood flooring grounds the interior, adding a touch of warmth against the modern furniture. Plush sectional and sofa seating is adorned with solid blue and geometric patterns in throw pillows in white and tan, completing the look with a playful mix of texture and comfort.

Modern Coastal Design

Modern Coastal Design
Image courtesy of  K & Co Living

7. Create a Stunning Focal Point With a Stone Fireplace

Interior designer Bria Hammel prioritized tranquility and a connection to nature in this space. A calming natural stone fireplace takes center stage, flanked by custom white oak cabinetry that seamlessly flows into the kitchen, creating a cohesive feel. 

The client desired comfort and cleanability for their furry friends, so Bria expertly mixed textures and tones. Two light sofas sit opposite a dark wood coffee table while the cabinetry echoes the lighter stain in the flooring. The warm tones of the stone fireplace balance the space, making it inviting and organic, a perfect haven for relaxation.

Lake House Decorating Ideas

Coastal Living Room in Soft Hues
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

8. Wood Flooring Paired With Natural Fiber Rugs

Beautiful Chaos Interior Design and Styling brought a touch of the Hamptons to this lake house renovation. A classic nautical color scheme takes center stage, featuring a deep water trio of navy blue, gray, and white. These coastal shades are woven throughout the space, from large furniture pieces to the smallest decorative accents. 

A touch of sandy beige adds a subtle warmth reminiscent of a beach shoreline. White oak hardwood floors, finished with a clear water-based stain, echo the look of driftwood weathered by the ocean. This timeless flooring choice paired with a jute rug complements the nautical palette and creates a sense of enduring style, which is perfect for a lake house retreat.

Cozy Coastal Living Room

Cozy Coastal Living Room
Image courtesy of Beautiful Chaos Companies

9. Embrace Natural Light

Jamie Merida Interiors crafted a sunroom bathed in sunshine, the perfect place to relax and unwind. Natural light streams through the windows, highlighting the inviting sandy-toned sectional and loveseat. A delightful array of throw pillows in soft greens and blues adds a touch of whimsy, while a blue and white striped rug anchors the space. 

A dark blue leather ottoman provides a comfortable spot to rest your feet, and a vibrant bouquet of pink flowers in a glass vase adds a pop of color. Imagine curling up with a good book in this light-filled haven – a perfect escape for any afternoon.

Coastal Sunroom Ideas

Lovely Coastal Sunroom
Image courtesy of Jamie Merida Interiors

10. Keep The Palette Consistent Throughout the Home

K & Co. Living extends the serenity of the coast throughout this magnificent living room, seamlessly blending the interior with the outdoor space. Light wood flooring and a coffee table in a similar tone create an elegant and airy foundation. 

A plush white sectional and striped accent chairs are adorned with a striking array of throw pillows and blankets in calming shades of blue and white, echoing the colors of the ocean visible through the expansive windows. Natural fabrics add a touch of organic texture, emphasizing the connection to the breathtaking coastal view that stretches for miles. 

Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas

Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas
Image courtesy of  K & Co Living

11. Incorporate Velvet For A Hint Of Luxury

Nest Design prioritizes warmth and invitation in this transitional coastal home in Mill Valley, California. When you enter the front door, you’re greeted by the inviting living room. An upholstered bench to the left provides a convenient spot for changing shoes, while a large, polished stone fireplace draws you further into the space. 

Cozy denim blue velvet armchairs flank a sandy-toned sofa, creating a comfortable conversation area. Overhead, a white beadboard ceiling with exposed beams completes the charming, cottage-like feel. It’s a space that welcomes you in and invites you to stay.

Coastal Interior Ideas

Coastal Interiors
Image courtesy of Jennifer Wundrow Interiors

12. Create a Coastal-Vibe With Slipcovered Furniture

Nantucket has held a special place in Victoria Hagan’s heart since her teenage years, and that love affair is evident in her island getaway. Drawing inspiration from the island’s classic style, she crafted a quintessential Nantucket residence for her family.

Hagan’s signature talent for pale color palettes shines here, lending the interiors an almost Scandinavian-inspired air, ideally suited to the light-filled space. The heart of the home is the living room, designed for ultimate comfort with an abundance of slipcovered seating and a sisal rug. 

French doors on two sides open to terraces, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Large sash windows grace the north and south walls, bathing the room in natural light and offering stunning views no matter the time of day.

Natural Light in a Coastal Living Room

Natural Light In A Coastal Living Room
Image courtesy of Victoria Hagan Design

13. Add A Touch of Glamour

Bria Hammel designs modern glamour into this home, where classic charm seamlessly meets modern functionality. Imagine curling up with a book by the cast stone fireplace, flinging open French doors, and stepping onto the inviting veranda. 

When it’s time to gather with loved ones, this space transforms into the ultimate hangout, complete with a plush area rug for sinking your toes into. A collection of blue and white chinoiserie pottery adds a touch of classic elegance, displayed on open shelving that allows the black-framed windows to peek through, creating a striking contrast against the blue and white palette.

Elegant Modern Coastal Living Room

Elegant Modern Coastal Living Room
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Design

14. Glossy Shiplap Ceilings For An Updated Coastal Look

K & Co. Living creates a seamless sanctuary in this open-concept home. Breathtaking ocean views take center stage, framed by expansive sliding glass doors that open onto a large deck with coordinated outdoor living areas. Light hardwood floors flow throughout the living room, kitchen, and dining room, reflecting the natural light that pours through the windows.  

Overhead, a white glossy shiplap ceiling adds a touch of coastal charm, while a large rectangular capiz chandelier shimmers above the white trestle dining table. The Pacific Blue range hood with brass trim adds a pop of color and a touch of coastal flair. This home is a masterpiece of light and invitation, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living for a truly immersive seaside experience.

Open-Concept Coastal Home

Open-Concept Coastal Home
Image courtesy of  K & Co Living

15. Add Metallics For A Warm Glow

Perched on a hill with captivating views of a Minnesota lake, this stunning home embodies modern coastal living. A collaboration between Kipling House Interiors and Cates Fine Homes, the design incorporates a sophisticated palette of cream, tan, and grays, with pops of blue used sparingly.  

Step into the elegant living room, where expansive windows frame breathtaking glimpses of the lake peeking through the trees. The space is bathed in natural light, further accentuated by the warm glow of a brass chandelier, a reflective mirror, and strategically placed sconces. The result is a sophisticated space that seamlessly blends modern design with the tranquility of its natural surroundings.

Coastal Living Room Ideas

Sophisticated Coastal Living Room in Sandy Hues
Image courtesy of Ron Brenner Architects

16. Traditional Coastal Shiplap Walls 

K & Co. Living crafts a light, airy oasis in this modern coastal living room. Crisp white shiplap walls serve as the backdrop, accented by the warmth of exposed wood beams overhead. A coastal-inspired area rug in shades of blue and white grounds the space, perfectly contrasting the plush comfort of the white sectional and loveseat. 

Scattered throw pillows in coastal colors add a touch of whimsy. Two leather ottomans positioned before the fireplace echo the rich tones of the wood flooring and ceiling beams, inviting you to kick back and relax. Bathed in natural light, this space beckons you to unwind and soak in the coastal vibes.

Coastal Decor Ideas

Coastal Decor Ideas
Image courtesy of K & Co Living

17. Striped Wallpaper For Subtle Pattern

Bria Hammel infuses a Naples home with the spirit of Southern hospitality, creating a warm coastal living room. Soft blues, sage greens, and pale yellows create a calming color palette, while wide oak planks in a natural finish ground the space. Blue and white striped wallpaper introduces a touch of elegance.

The double-height great room embodies this inviting feel. A light linen sofa takes center stage, surrounded by delicately adorned armchairs and benches set against a crisp white backdrop. Jute rugs and woven rattan accents add layers of texture and warmth, perfectly complementing the natural linen sectional paired with a farmhouse coffee table. 

Coastal Living Room With Striped Wallpaper

Coastal Living Room With Striped Wallpaper
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

18. Take A Modern Rustic Approach

Tays & Co. masterfully blends rustic charm with modern sensibilities in this majestic coastal living room. Soaring high ceilings framed by black windows offer breathtaking lake views, while exposed wood beams overhead echo the warmth of the natural wood flooring. 

A rustic stone fireplace takes center stage, adding a touch of organic texture and warmth. A natural fiber area rug grounds the space, while a Pottery Barn Big Sur chaise sectional in a calming off-white invites relaxation. The beautifully crafted burl wood coffee table positioned before the fireplace completes the scene, adding a touch of sophistication to this stunning space.

Rustic Coastal Living Room

Rustic Coastal Living Room
Image courtesy of Tays & Co.

19. Incorporate Coastal Artwork

Mabley Handler curates a space of coastal elegance in this spacious living room. Light tan grasscloth wallpaper adds a touch of texture, while beautiful coastal wall art makes a strong visual impact. 

Plush white sofas beckon for relaxation, bathed in the warm glow of brass lamps atop gleaming white lacquer end tables. Light gray swivel chairs, accented with luxurious blue silk pillows, offer a comfortable spot to enjoy the view. A stunning glass and gold coffee table sits atop layered rugs, completing the picture of sophisticated coastal style.

Modern Coastal Interior Design

Modern Coastal Interior Design
Image courtesy of Mabley Handler Design

20. Add A Touch Of Country Charm

Jamie Merida Interiors evokes the charm of a classic Eastern Shore country house in this Cambridge pool house. Shiplap walls and pine floors set the stage for a casual and inviting retreat. Cozy rugs and easy-care fabrics ensure comfort and carefree enjoyment. The vibe is pure summertime at the cottage, with blue and white gingham pillows and cheerful floral arrangements adding a touch of whimsy.

This space seamlessly blends laid-back comfort with traditional elements, incorporating modern and fresh details for a timeless feel. The breathtaking waterfront views influenced the color palette, finishes, and furnishings, creating a cohesive connection between the interior and exterior. 

Farmhouse Coastal Living Room

Farmhouse Coastal Living Room
Image courtesy of Jamie Merida Interiors

21. Introduce Variations of Color & Texture

Soft blues and whites fill a serene Florida retreat created by designer Kara Hebert. To prevent the space from feeling too stark, she introduced variations in both color and texture. Shades of white and gray add depth, while a touch of pattern keeps things visually interesting. The result is a seamless and calming living room design.

Comfy seating beckons relaxation, with an approachable white sofa complemented by four light blue chairs (two swivels for easy conversation during gatherings). The high ceilings and ample natural light pouring through windows and glass doors further enhance the feeling of openness and serenity.

Decorating in Light Blue

Coastal Living Room With Pale Blue Sectional
Image courtesy of Kara Miller Design

22. Weathered Wood Furniture

In another view of a living room designed by Jamie Merida Interiors, a stone fireplace takes center stage, radiating warmth against the backdrop of shiplap walls. A weathered wood coffee table adds a touch of rustic character, while a blue area rug anchors the space. 

Whimsical details abound, like the glass vase filled with white flowers that inject a touch of country charm. This space is more than just a living room; it’s an invitation to relax and soak in the simple pleasures of coastal life.

Shiplap Walls in Coastal Design

Shiplap Walls In Coastal Design
Image courtesy of Jamie Merida Interiors

23. Take An Eclectic Design Approach

Jennifer Wundrow Interiors infuses a touch of the unexpected into this beautifully designed coastal living room. A peaked white shiplap ceiling adds a touch of nautical charm, while a gleaming brass chandelier injects understated elegance.  

Coastal artwork in shades of blue and gray adorns the white walls, creating a cool and calming backdrop. The seating arrangement is an eclectic mix of comfort and style: a warm caramel-toned leather sofa anchors the space, inviting relaxation. 

A pale gray loveseat adds a touch of sophistication, while elegant white accent chairs offer additional seating. The finishing touch? A colorful array of throw pillows adds a playful pop of personality and ties the entire look together.

Coastal Living Room With Shiplap Ceiling

Coastal Living Room With Shiplap Ceiling
Image courtesy of Jennifer Wundrow Interiors

24. Add In Greenery

Kate Marker evokes the essence of the Northeast Coast in this living room, a haven of soft, white linen and breezy openness. The space seamlessly flows into others, creating a sense of connection.  

A peaked shiplap ceiling with light wood beams adds a coastal charm reminiscent of a seaside cottage. Two large fiddle-leaf trees stand tall, their lush greenery bringing life and warmth to the airy space. The calming blue, white, and tan color scheme further reinforces the connection to the Northeast Coast, creating a tranquil and inviting retreat.

Coastal Living Room Ideas

Bright & Serene Coastal Living Room Ideas
Image courtesy of Kate Marker Interiors

25. Decorate The Coffee Table

A keen eye for detail shines through in this coffee table vignette designed by Bria Hammel. A ceramic pot overflowing with fresh white blooms takes center stage, nestled within a spacious wicker tray. Marble boxes, art objects, and a curated selection of books complete the elegant composition.

Decorate The Coffee Table

Decorate The Coffee Table With Coastal Decor
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

26. Personalize The Space With Artwork, Sculptures & Pottery

K & Co. Living captures the essence of modern coastal living in this eclectic space. A curated selection of contemporary and coastal artwork pops against the clean backdrop of white ceilings and walls. Built-in cabinets with counter space showcase a diverse mix of vases, potted greenery, and sculptures, adding a touch of personality.

Coastal Artwork

Coastal Artwork
Image courtesy of K & Co Living

27. Remember The Finishing Touches

K & Co. Living elevates this contemporary coastal haven with the perfect finishing touches. Two plush ottomans in a soft blue hue offer additional seating, while a potted orchid adds elegance. Three oversized, striped light gray and white vases add a striking vertical element, creating a sense of dimension. The space is further enhanced by coastal-inspired artwork and a basket overflowing with cozy throws, inviting relaxation.

The Finishing Details

The Finishing Details
Image courtesy of K & Co Living

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