25 Coastal Dining Room Ideas For A Modern Beach Home

By Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen | Published on May 19, 2024 | 

Coastal Dining Room Ideas: This accessible and highly popular design style transcends location, bringing the calming essence of the beach right into your home. Incorporate a soothing neutral color palette of blues, whites, and sandy hues and weave in natural materials like wood and woven rattan furniture to enhance the breezy feel. 

The beauty of the coastal style lies in its affordability and ease of use. You don’t need a complete overhaul – think simple touches like slipcovered chairs in calming shades, a rustic wooden table, or woven rattan pendant lighting. Coastal details like seashell accents or blue and white striped patterns can add a touch of whimsy without overwhelming the space. Feature image courtesy of K. & Co. Living.

Beach Home Dining Room Ideas

Modern Coastal Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Image courtesy of K. & Co. Living

Design Elements Of A Coastal Dining Room

The allure of the coast translates beautifully into dining room design. Here, the focus is on creating a space that evokes feelings of relaxation, serenity, and connection to the natural world. 

Seascape paintings or coastal photography on the walls bring the ocean indoors, while blue and white striped patterns can add a touch of graphic interest. The key is to strike a balance – enough coastal influence to create a thematic space, but not so much that it feels overwhelming.

Every element, from the furniture to the artwork, should contribute to the overall feeling of casual elegance. Think comfortable white or light blue slipcovered chairs, a rustic wood dining table, or a woven rattan pendant lamp. 

Here are a few coastal decorating ideas to get you started:

Modern Coastal Kitchen

Modern Coastal Dining Room
Image courtesy of Marriane Simon Design

1. Coastal Color Palette With Sandy Hues and Blue

Awash in a soft color palette of white, tan, gray, and light blue, this dining space designed by Kate Marker Interiors invites you to unwind and savor the moment. Overhead, a wood coffered ceiling adds architectural interest, while a French beaded chandelier casts a warm glow.  

Large windows bathe the room in natural light, framing breathtaking country views beyond. Warm gray floral wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy to the walls, grounded by a wainscoting treatment below. Sheer curtains diffuse the sunlight, creating a soft and airy ambiance.

A glossy white dining table takes center stage, offering ample space for family and friends. Two white slipcovered chairs at the ends provide comfort, while the remaining chairs boast a charming blue and white plaid pattern.

Coastal Dining Room Ideas

Elegant Coastal Dining Room
Image courtesy of Kate Marker Interiors

2. Paint The Walls A Gorgeous Shade Of Blue

Interior designer Christina Kim transforms this coastal style dining room into a lovely retreat. The focal point is the dramatic backdrop—the wood-paneled walls, once traditional, are now cloaked in a moody blue-gray hue. This unexpected color choice sets the stage for a sophisticated and inviting space.

Finely woven abaca chairs, their natural texture a nod to the coastal theme, surround a beautiful wood dining room table. Washed in a light gray finish, the table exudes organic warmth, grounding the moodier elements.

A vintage brass dandelion chandelier hangs gracefully above the table. Its mid-century vibe adds whimsical elegance. This unexpected statement piece complements the clean lines and contemporary details throughout the space.

Dining Room With Blue Walls

Dining Room With Blue-Gray Walls
Image courtesy of Christina Kim Design

3. Make The Most Of The Views

Cortney Bishop masterfully curates a relaxed, coastal haven in this built-in dining area. Stunning outdoor vistas and ample windows bathe the space in natural light, connecting seamlessly with the beauty beyond.

Black and cream form the base of the color palette, offering a clean and sophisticated backdrop. Hints of soft blue, woven throughout the space, add a touch of whimsy and evoke the tranquility of the coast.

A sleek, black, round pedestal table takes center stage, inviting conversation and casual meals. Two contemporary accent chairs, upholstered in a captivating cream and blue geometric pattern, add a touch of personality.  

This same fabric echoes the stunning seating running along the expansive windows, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing look. Crisp white vertical shiplap walls provide a touch of coastal charm, while light wood flooring adds a subtle warmth.  

Coastal Dining Nook

Coastal Dining Nook Area
Image courtesy of Cortney Bishop Design

4. Introduce Soft Shades Of Green

Pure Salt Interiors crafts a dining room that embodies the essence of coastal living. An inviting L-shaped banquette anchors the space, offering comfortable seating for family and friends. Rattan and bamboo chairs surround a beautiful wood table, adding a touch of natural texture and casual elegance.

The color palette is a calming blend of inviting neutrals and soft greens, reminiscent of the seaside. The centerpiece of the space is a carefully curated gallery of coastal wall art that tells a story of the sea, drawing the eye and inviting conversation.

Warm wood tones add a touch of rustic charm while gleaming brass pendant lighting injects a touch of sophistication. Lovely coastal decor throughout the space completes the picture, creating a dining room that is both stylish and inviting.

Beach House Dining Room Ideas

Bohemian Beach House Dining Room
Image courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors

5. Incorporate Natural & Organic Elements

A dining room designed by Becca Interiors features natural materials, curated accessories, and soothing neutral colors. White shiplap walls and a beautiful white wooden dining table set the stage for a light and airy atmosphere. Wood dining chairs with curved backs and unique rope cord seats surround the table, adding a touch of rustic whimsy.

A dark gray and tan striped area rug grounds the space and introduces a touch of pattern, while rattan pendant lighting hangs above the table and provides warm illumination. A round wood-framed mirror adds a nautical flair on the wall, reflecting the natural light and creating a sense of spaciousness. Flanking the mirror are two antique wall sconces, their aged beauty adding a touch of history and personality to the space.

Rustic Coastal Dining Room

Rustic Coastal Dining Room
Image courtesy of Becca Interiors

6. Create a Coastal-Inspired Gallery Wall

Interior designer Emily Henderson creates a captivating coastal retreat where contemporary lines meet warmth and personality. The challenge? Softening the industrial edge of the concrete floors and modern dining room furniture.

Emily masterfully achieves this by introducing a collection of dining chairs from Verellen reupholstered in a soft blush pink fabric. This unexpected color injects a touch of femininity and whimsy, creating a welcoming contrast to the cool tones of the concrete.

The focal point of the space is a captivating gallery featuring the client’s collection of seascapes framed to create an antique/vintage feel. Emily extends the “collected” theme onto the dining table itself. A series of vases, their tonal palette adds charm and creates a visually cohesive look. This thoughtful approach ensures a high-impact moment that complements the stunning artwork.

Modern Organic Coastal Dining Room With Gallery Wall

Modern Organic Dining Room With Gallery Wall
Image courtesy of Emily Henderson Design

7. Feature a Statement Light Fixture

Mindy Gayer, renowned for her elevated modern coastal design style with a playful twist, delivers a stunning dining room. Here, the eye is immediately drawn to the centerpiece: a large, rustic-refined white chandelier.  

Sunlight streams through expansive bay windows, illuminating the room and highlighting the beauty of the neutral textured grasscloth wallpaper. This unique wallcovering, resembling the inside of a geode, adds a touch of natural intrigue and a subtle nod to the coastal theme.

The dining table, crafted from wood, provides a foundation of warmth. Custom upholstered end chairs adorned with a geometric pattern inject a touch of playful personality. This unexpected detail disrupts the formality of the space, creating a delightful balance between modern sophistication and coastal whimsy. A built-in cabinet seamlessly blends into the wall, offering a convenient spot to store extra dishes and serveware. 

Eclectic Coastal Dining Room

Eclectic Coastal Dining Room
Image courtesy of Mindy Gayer Design

8. Use Linen Slipcovered Chairs For a Coastal Vibe

This dining room by Kate Marker Interiors embodies the essence of organic coastal living. Sunlight streams through a large window, bathing the space in a warm glow and highlighting the natural beauty of the chosen elements.

A captivating grasscloth wallpaper pattern sets the stage, its design reminiscent of nature’s textures. This organic theme is further echoed by incorporating wooden bowls and branches, adding a rustic charm.

White linen slipcovered chairs surround a large wood dining table, a timeless coastal choice. This pairing creates a sense of comfort and invites lingering meals. A white plaster chandelier hangs above, its simple elegance complementing the natural theme.

Coastal Decorating Ideas

Coastal Dining Room in Neutral Tones
Image courtesy of  Kate Marker Design

9. Use Wallpaper to Make a Powerful Impact

The focal point in this lovely and sophisticated dining room designed by Mabley Handler is a captivating panorama – Sandberg’s Raphael wallpaper. This stunning blue and white treetop pattern draws inspiration from Central Park’s iconic landscapes and the stylized tapestries of old, where leaves dance in a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

A white coffered ceiling adds a touch of architectural interest, while a white reeded dining table anchors the space. White and blue dining chairs create a cohesive look, their colors echoing the wallpaper’s mesmerizing motif.

A gleaming brass chandelier hangs above the table, adding a warm glow and sophistication. Nestled under a window, a white settee beckons for quiet moments of relaxation, a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea and admire the beauty of the wallpaper’s intricate design.

Coastal Dining Room Ideas

Coastal Dining Room Ideas
Image courtesy of Mabley Handler Design

10. Incorporate Rattan Seating

Desiree Burns crafts a dining room that embodies the essence of light and airy coastal living. Warm wood tones infuse the space with warmth while a large white coastal dining table takes center stage. This unique table boasts a base crafted from tree stumps, adding a touch of rustic charm and a surprising nod to nature.

Curving rattan end chairs flank the table, their natural texture complementing the warm wood tones. Additional seating comes courtesy of white chairs with woven backs, their cane construction further echoing the coastal theme.

The walls are adorned with Rebecca Atwood’s Dotted Leaves Wallpaper in Garden Green. This captivating pattern, inspired by the blossoming layers of spring, adds a touch of whimsy and reminds you of the beauty of nature even when indoors.

How To Decorate A Coastal Dining Room

How To Decorate A Coastal Dining Room
Image courtesy of Desiree Burns Design

11. Contemporary Coastal Interior Design

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding forest of ash and pine trees, Sarah Richardson created a dining room that embodies a rustic yet sophisticated retreat. Here, clean-lined furnishings reign supreme, creating a sense of uncluttered ease.

A natural color palette echoes the beauty of the outdoors. Grey stone surfaces add cool elegance, while pale ash walls infuse the space with warmth. From the tall windows framed in black to the striking black metal fireplace, black metal details provide a touch of modern contrast and definition.

High ceilings lead to a peaked roof, creating a sense of openness and grandeur. A black and white striped area rug grounds the space and adds a touch of graphic pattern.  

The real showstopper, however, is the series of coral pendant lights. Designed by David Trubridge, these geometric marvels are crafted from flat plywood and offer a captivating interplay of light and shadow. Their organic form, reminiscent of coral reefs, adds a subtle nod to nature while remaining undeniably modern.

Contemporary Coastal Dining Room

Contemporary Coastal Dining Room
Image courtesy of Sarah Richardson Design

12. Introduce Pinstripes For A Classic Coastal Look

This quaint coastal theme dining space designed by Bria Hammel evokes a sense of relaxed elegance, perfect for intimate gatherings. A beautiful round wooden pedestal dining table takes center stage, inviting conversation and connection. Light blue and white pinstripe slipcovered chairs surround the table, adding a touch of coastal whimsy and comfort.

Overhead hangs a showstopping palm-inspired chandelier. Its scalloped edges and intricate hand-strung woven coco beads create a captivating focal point. A natural jute rug grounds the space, while subtle and delicate wallpaper adds a touch of pattern without overwhelming the charming atmosphere. Lovely hydrangeas, nestled in cane-wrapped glass vases atop the table, provide a touch of color and echo the country farmhouse aesthetic.

Beach Home Dining Area
Beach Home Dining Area

Beach Home Dining Area With Round Pedestal Table
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

13. Keep It Light & Airy For An Elegant Look

This light and airy dining room designed by Christina Kim embodies effortless elegance, perfect for relaxed gatherings bathed in natural light. The color palette is a layer of calming neutrals—a crisp white wall color, a light wooden floor, and a wood-clad ceiling. Natural fabric window treatments complete this foundation, allowing ample sunlight to stream through and further enhancing the airy feel.

Two Italian petal suspension lamps, crafted from Murano glass, hang gracefully above the table. These mid-century vintage lighting fixtures add a touch of playful whimsy and a nod to the coastal theme.

An elegant set of six rattan chairs surrounds the table. Their natural teak wooden structure provides a foundation of warmth, while the handcrafted braided rattan seats add a touch of organic texture.

Coastal Living

Coastal Dining Area
Image courtesy of Christina Kim Design

14. Incorporate Seagrass Wallpaper For A Modern Coastal Look

Kate Marker Interiors infuses a modern coastal dining room with a vibrant mix of color, pattern, and texture. Blue-green seagrass wallpaper adorns the upper portion of the walls, its organic texture and color reminiscent of the nearby coast. This contrasts dramatically with the crisp white vertical shiplap below, grounding the space and adding a nautical charm.

Woven Ralph Lauren Joshua Tree dining chairs flank the table, their barrel backs and natural fibers injecting a touch of bohemian flair. The remaining teak dining chairs offer a beautiful combination of materials. Constructed from teak, rope, and rattan, they boast textured beige “Beach” upholstered cushions, offering both comfort and a subtle nod to the sandy hues of the coast.

A tiered woven coco bead chandelier hangs gracefully above the table. This textural masterpiece provides a captivating focal point, its organic form echoing the coastal theme and adding whimsical elegance.

Modern Coastal Dining Room

Modern Coastal Dining Room
Image courtesy of Kate Marker Interiors

15. Use Gleaming Silver Accents For Contemporary Charm

Morgan Harrison Design creates a stunning synergy between the casual coastal kitchen dining area and the breathtaking ocean views beyond.  The elegant and sophisticated curved dining banquette, upholstered in pale blue fabric, takes center stage. Light blue and white patterned pillows add a coastal flair and visual interest. 

Modern light blue and white chairs surround the table, echoing the coastal theme and creating a cohesive look. A round white pedestal table with a gleaming silver base anchors the space. A contemporary linear silver chandelier hangs gracefully above the table and coordinates perfectly with matching silver wall sconces, adding glamor and elegance. 

Modern Coastal Dining Nook

Modern Coastal Dining Nook
Image courtesy of Morgan Harrison Design

16. Pair Warm Wood Tones With White Walls

Interior Designer Lindye Galloway incorporates a stunning feature wall—wood tongue-and-groove paneling climbs two-thirds of the way up the wall, adding depth and texture. The crisp white paint above creates a sense of openness and allows natural light to bounce around the space. The ceiling echoes this texture with its own wood tongue-and-groove design, further unifying the space.

Lindye elevates the coastal theme by incorporating essential elements with a sophisticated twist. A light wood dining table takes center stage, surrounded by chairs with a light wood frame and white fabric upholstery. 

Floor-to-ceiling white window treatments maximize natural light and offer unobstructed views of the outdoors. A large blue and white area rug completes the picture, its colors subtly referencing the beauty of the sea and grounding the space.

Incorporating Natural Elements

Incorporating Natural Elements
Image courtesy of Lindye Galloway Design

17. Use An Accent Wall & Fireplace As The Focal Point Of The Room

The foundation of this elegant and serene dining room designed by Bria Hammel is a calming color palette. Crisp white walls and ceilings create a sense of openness, while a vertical shiplap wall surrounding the cozy fireplace introduces a touch of subtle sophistication. This gorgeous wall is painted soft green, creating a beautiful contrast and a subtle nod to the natural world.

Adjacent to the fireplace is a built-in window seat. Its pale blue cushion invites you to curl up with a good book and enjoy the view. Coastal throw pillows add a touch of whimsy and complete the inviting atmosphere.

Light blue velvet dining chairs surround a beautiful round blond wood table. This unexpected pairing of textures creates a sense of visual interest while remaining undeniably comfortable. A spray of delicate white florals nestled in a white ceramic vase rests upon a wicker tray on the dining table. A pale gray area rug, its color echoing the stonework of the fireplace, grounds the space and adds a touch of warmth.

Elegant Dining Room

Elegant Dining Area With Fireplace
Image courtesy of Bria Hammel Design

18. Create A Lakeside Retreat Where Nature Reigns Supreme

Sarah Richardson designed a serene and nature-inspired dining area on this private island retreat. The space embodies the essence of lakeside living, inviting relaxation and connection with the surrounding beauty.

Soft sky blues evoke the calming expanse of the lake, while natural textures add rustic charm. White slipcovered dining chairs offer casual elegance, while black farmhouse wood chairs inject a rustic note. This unexpected pairing tells a story of comfort and connection, perfect for relaxed gatherings.

A captivating rope and iron chandelier hangs gracefully above the table, adding a touch of nautical charm without overwhelming the contemporary aesthetic. The area rug, adorned in soft blue and white, mirrors the colors of the sky and the lake beyond. This thoughtful detail further blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors, inviting nature into the space.

Lake House Dining Room

Lake House Dining Room
Image courtesy of Sarah Richardson Design

19. Intertwine Elevated Design Elements

Jennifer Wundrow conjures the essence of coastal living in this stunning dining room. A large, warm wood dining table takes center stage, anchoring the space and inviting conversation. This substantial piece is flanked by two chic navy blue and white end chairs, contrasting colors adding a touch of coastal whimsy.

Mid-century modern dining chairs complete the table setting. Their sleek black wood frames provide a striking contrast to the white cushioned backrests and seats. This unexpected pairing injects a touch of modern flair and visual interest.

A dramatic linear brass pendant hangs gracefully above the table. Its elongated form and candle-style sockets add a touch of sophistication, casting a warm glow over the space. Dramatic seascape paintings adorn the walls, transporting you to the heart of the coastal landscape. 

Modern Coastal Dining Room

Bright and Open Coastal Dining Room
Image courtesy of Jeniffer Wundrow Interiors

20. Play With Contrasting Bold Patterns

Jennifer Wundrow infuses a vibrant energy into this small dining area, creating a space that is both playful and stylish. The playful spirit comes alive through a captivating interplay of patterns. Wood dining chairs surround a circular light wood table, each upholstered in a unique geometric design of blue, black, and white.  

A striking blue built-in cabinet adds a touch of sophistication. The wall behind features a captivating Schumacher Queen of Spain Wallpaper in black and white, its organic shapes adding another layer of visual interest. This bold choice becomes a focal point of the space, showcasing a love for pattern without feeling overwhelming.

A black iron chandelier hangs gracefully above the table, its sleek lines contrasting beautifully with the light wood details and black beads. Indoor plants strategically placed throughout the space add a touch of warmth and soften the bold patterns.  

Coastal Design Ideas

Play With Patterns
Image courtesy of Jeniffer Wundrow Interiors

21. Consider Using Light Wood Flooring 

Morgan Harrison designed a light and airy dining area that evokes the essence of coastal living. Light wood flooring sets the stage for a sense of openness, while a matching light wood table anchors the space.

Pale gray and white chairs surround the table, their circular motif adding a playful touch. This unexpected detail injects a sense of visual interest and complements the coastal theme.

A rectangular capiz chandelier hangs gracefully above the table. Its shimmering texture, reminiscent of seashells, adds a touch of coastal elegance and reflects the light, further enhancing the airy atmosphere.

Light Wood Flooring

Coastal Dining Room With Light Wood Flooring
Image courtesy of Morgan Harrison Design

22. Showcase Coastal Artwork On The Walls

Setting the Coastal Tone:  Coastal artwork in shades of blue and white adorns the walls in a coastal home designed by K. & Co. Living. The dining room’s centerpiece is a stunning, weathered X-base dining table. Its unique character adds a touch of rustic charm and hints at the timeless allure of the coast.

A captivating natural abaca Antigua Drum chandelier hangs gracefully above the table. The ceiling is a beautiful example of white tongue and groove paneling, accented with white wood beams.  

Coastal Artwork
Coastal Artwork

Incorporating Coastal Artwork
Image courtesy of K. & Co. Living

23. Small Dining Room With Open Shelving

In this small dining area designed by Bria Hammel, every element is carefully curated to maximize space and evoke the beauty of the nearby shore. Open shelving adorns the wall, offering a platform for a minimalistic display of coastal treasures. Natural sea fan coral, handcrafted wood vases, captivating artwork, and lake house-inspired books create a visual narrative that whispers of seaside adventures.

Pale blue and white striped wallpaper adorns the walls, adding a touch of coastal whimsy and a subtle pop of color. It perfectly complements the seaside artwork in pale coastal hues, enhancing the serene atmosphere.

A small white pedestal table takes center stage, offering a perfect spot for intimate gatherings. Three woven rattan-framed chairs surround the table, their natural texture echoing the coastal theme and providing a touch of comfortable elegance. A sisal area rug grounds the space and adds a layer of warmth underfoot. 

Open Shelving In A Small Dining Area

Open Shelving In A Small Dining Area
Image courtesy of Brea Hammel Interiors

24. Display Fresh Cut Flowers

Interior designer Jennifer Wundrow cultivates a warm and inviting country coastal dining room with a display of fresh florals. A bouquet of freshly cut flowers, whether from your local market or backyard, can transform a space. A single arrangement can be strategically placed, with select blooms scattered in bud vases around the room, extending the floral charm throughout the dining area.

A rustic wood dining table is the centerpiece, its natural beauty grounding the space. White farmhouse spindle side chairs surround the table, and their classic design adds a touch of country charm. The picture is complete with a Dash & Albert navy and white Chevron flatweave area rug.

Small Coastal Dining Area

Small Coastal Dining Area
Image courtesy of Jeniffer Wundrow Interiors

25. Coastal Dining Room With Farmhouse Charm

Mindy Gayer curates a dining room that exudes warmth and casual elegance. Slipcovered chairs, offering a relaxed feel, grace either end of a rustic wood dining table. White French doors bathe the space in natural light and provide a captivating glimpse of the inviting outdoor pool and entertaining area. 

A charming white floral arrangement nestled in a wicker basket adorns the center of the table. This touch of rustic elegance echoes the beauty of nature and complements the overall country aesthetic.

Farmhouse Coastal Dining Room

Farmhouse Coastal Kitchen
Image courtesy of Mindy Gayer Design

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