Kitchen Ideas 62 Glamorous White Kitchen


Glamorous White Kitchen This glamorous white kitchen, designed by Bria Hammel has a Wolf cooktop and ovens that let the homeowners flex their culinary muscles on one side of the light-filled kitchen while, on the opposite wall, a wet bar with a Sub-Zero wine refrigerator caters to entertaining. Image courtesy of: Traditional Home [...]

Dining Room Ideas 52 | Dining Room Table Faux Florals


Dining Room Table Faux Florals Glamorous dining room table faux florals collection by  John-Richard. This dramatic floral arrangement of white dancing orchids is presented in a beautiful nickel-plated container. The gold finished cane that gracefully supports the orchids mimics the brass-plated twigs that embrace the form of the container. Priced at $795.00. (Pottery [...]

Dining Room Ideas 51 Glamorous Traditional Dining Room


Glamorous Traditional Dining Room A glamorous traditional dining room with John-Richard faux florals. John-Richard Glowing Peonies made from natural Natural birch is used to support beautiful pink peonies to form a topiary ball of pink flowers in a ribbed white ceramic vase. Image courtesy of: Horchow View Recent Posts [...]

Bathroom Ideas 19 Glam Bathroom


Glam Bathroom This glam bathroom, designed by Ferris Rafauli, combines luxurious marble in white and gray, gold fixtures and detailing with a high-end vanity and custom drapery. Image courtesy of: Ferris Rafauli View Recent Posts

Bathroom Ideas 18 Green Bathroom


Blue, Gray & Green Bathroom This blue, gray and green bathroom, in a South Carolina vacation home, has beautiful Boussac's Tarantelle wallpaper with a floral on a platinum ground that adds a subtle sheen to the walls. The chandelier is from Vaughan. Image courtesy of: House Beautiful View Recent Posts [...]

Bathroom Ideas 16 Bathroom With A Fireplace


Bathroom with a Fireplace A bathroom with a fireplace adds instant luxury to the bath area. The arched window and the view from this California bathroom were so magnificent designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano didn't want to put a big white porcelain tub in front of it. Instead, she designed a sunken bath made from slabs of Crema [...]

Bathroom Ideas 13 Glamorous Bathroom


Glamorous Bathroom This glamorous bathroom, designed by Ferris Rafauli combines stunning mirrored cabinets, marble and high-end detailing to create a dramatic and elegant bath. Image courtesy of: Ferris Rafauli View Recent Posts

Bathroom Ideas 11 Sophisticated Bathroom


Sophisticated Bathroom A sophisticated bathroom, designed by SuzAnn Kleitzien, has a stunning palette of black, white and gray with dramatic gold accents.  An Alexander McQueen skull pillow was the catalyst for this daring en-suite bathroom in Chicago's trendy Wicker Park neighborhood. "I wanted drama!" says designer SuzAnn, who notes that placing a modern, jewelry-inspired chandelier over [...]

Bathroom Ideas 2 Luxurious Bathroom


Luxurious Bathroom  This luxurious bathroom, designed by Architectural designer Scott Mitchell and decorator Denise Kuriger is streamlined and minimalistic with plenty of space to unwind and relax. The wood ceiling, floors, and cabinets provide warmth and are the perfect contrast to the black detailing. Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest View Recent Posts [...]

Living Room Ideas 32 Contemporary Living Area


Contemporary Living Area A contemporary living area, designed by Thomas Hamel with a stunning palette of black, gray, white and plum. This dramatic living room incorporates lush fabrics, a contemporary lighting fixture, with modern and timeless elements. "American-born and internationally recognized interior designer Thomas Hamel is at the helm of celebrated Sydney-based design firm, Thomas Hamel [...]

Living Room Ideas 29 Large Living Room Ideas


Large Living Room Ideas Looking for large living room ideas? This stunning living room, designed by Thomas Hamel provides plenty of area for seating and conversation in the sophisticated and elegant room. "American-born and internationally recognized interior designer Thomas Hamel is at the helm of celebrated Sydney-based design firm, Thomas Hamel & Associates. Thomas’ regular travels around [...]

Living Room Ideas 22 Glamorous Living Room


Glamorous Living Room This glamorous dining room, designed by Krista Watterworth Design Studio with its beautiful sweeping staircase, has a romantic, feminine and glam feel. "Krista is Connecticut born, New York trained and recently adopted by Palm Beach County. Her modern, clean and surprisingly classic aesthetic has earned her a reputation as Palm Beach County’s go-to [...]

Living Room Ideas 21 Black and White Living Room


Black & White Living Room This dramatic black and white living room was designed by Krista Watterworth Design Studio. It's contemporary and refined with luxurious detailing, such as the expanse of mirror, unique fireplace and sumptuous seating."Krista is Connecticut born, New York trained and recently adopted by Palm Beach County. Her modern, clean and surprisingly [...]

Living Room Ideas 16 Luxury Living Room


Luxury Living Room A luxury living room designed by Ferris Rafauli with a neutral palette with black, rich shades of brown and cream and luxurious fabrics and detailing. Although this interior was designed with extremely high-end finishes, it's important to note that it's possible to create a stunning living room simply by incorporating [...]

Living Room Ideas 10 Sophisticated Living Room


Sophisticated Living Room A sophisticated living room designed by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller for Jessica Chastain’s New York apartment. The subtly textured look of the living room walls was achieved with a Ralph Lauren Paint faux-suede finish in the Manhattan apartment of Jessica Chastain. The chandelier, sofa, armchairs, and rug are all [...]

Living Room Ideas 9 Elegant Living Room


Elegant Living Room This elegant living room designed by Bridgette Romanek for her own home is outfitted with a pair of Marco Zanuso lounge chairs from Eccola, a Blackman Cruz console, and a Hans Wegner chaise longue.“Furry goat- skin carpets offer a plush arena for wrestling matches between the family’s spunky Labradoodles, Roxy and Rufus. [...]

Living Room Ideas 8 Neutral Living Room


Neutral Living Room  This serene neutral living room was designed by Sara Story. Sara designed her upstate New York home, where the family room's sectional is covered in a Great Plains fabric; an Isamu Noguchi floor lamp echoes the Jonathan Browning Studios pendant light. The combination of light oak flooring, warm and neutral palette with [...]

Dining Room Post 46 Dining Room with Mirrors


Dining Room with Mirrors This gorgeous dining room with mirrors, designed by Ferris Rafauli Design, incorporates multiple mirrored surfaces in a neutral space to create instant elegance.  The white decor provides balance and harmony in this luxurious room. View Recent Posts

Dining Room Post 45 Glamorous Black and White Dining Room


Glamorous Black and White Dining Room This glamorous black and white dining room is dramatic, sophisticated and has a great balance between masculine and feminine elements. The chandelier adds just the right amount of sparkle to soften the space. View Recent Posts

Dining Room Post 44 Glamorous Gold Dining Room


Glamorous Gold Dining Room This glamorous gold dining room, photographed by Brandon Barre, combines vivid shades of gold with white and sophisticated elements. The lighting provides instant glam in the uniquely designed space. View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 43 Candice Olson Designer Kitchen


Candice Olson Designer Kitchen This Candice Olson designer kitchen has the perfection of light and dark elements. The sparkling chandeliers add elegance and create a romantic and intimate feel to the space. Image courtesy of: Candice Olson View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 42 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas


Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas There's no better place to look for luxury kitchen design ideas than the work of designer Ferris Rafauli.  This gorgeous kitchen combines marble, metallics, and fabrics with luster. Image courtesy of: Ferris Rafauli View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 41 Luxury Kitchen Ideas


Luxury Kitchen Ideas If you're looking for luxury kitchen ideas, there's no better way to add sophistication to kitchen and dining areas than incorporating high-end marble into the mix. This beautiful white & gray kitchen was designed by Ferris Rafauli and clearly shows the hallmark of his work; perfect lines, impeccable craftsmanship and [...]

Kitchen Ideas 40 Sophisticated Breakfast Nook


Sophisticated Breakfast Nook This sophisticated breakfast nook with, designed by Ferris Rafauli incorporates luxury elements such as elegant drapery, beautiful fabrics, and metallic finishes. Rafauli’s philosophy to designing is one based not only in science but also in art. Each home he designs is a work of art in that it is original, creative and has [...]

Kitchen Ideas 39 High-End Kitchen Finishes


High-End Kitchen Finishes This kitchen, designed with high-end kitchen finishes was created by Ferris Rafauli. It has a refined palette of white, gray, rich wood tones and black. Luxury details such as the beautiful soft gray flooring, wood inlay in the cabinets and marble countertops combine to create a truly stunning kitchen.Image courtesy of: Ferris [...]

Kitchen Ideas 38 Large White Kitchen Ideas


Large White Kitchen Ideas If you're looking for large white kitchen design ideas, this kitchen designed by Gluckstein Design showcases how to use a large space effectively.  It's modern, elegant and refined while providing plenty of room for traffic flow.Image courtesy of: Pinterest View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 37 All-White Kitchen


All White Kitchen Ideas This all-white kitchen with gold accents is glamorous, bright and open.  The designer has used modern elements, glossy surfaces and cabinets accented with mirrors to create a space that is elegant and sophisticated.Image courtesy of: Pinterest View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 36 Modern White Kitchen Ideas


Modern White Kitchen Ideas If you are looking for modern white kitchen ideas, this kitchen is both contemporary and glamorous. The brown and white marble counters, romantic chandelier and decor combine to create a truly feminine and glam kitchen for entertaining.Image courtesy of: Pinterest View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 31 Designer Kitchen


Designer Kitchen This gorgeous designer kitchen was created by Ferris Rafauli and combines ultra-luxurious elements that the iconic designer is well known for. Image courtesy of: Ferris Rafauli View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 30 Ferris Rafauli Kitchen


Ferris Rafauli Kitchen Design This stunning and dramatic kitchen, designed by Ferris Rafauli effortlessly combines black with shades of gray and white. The metallic lighting and fixtures add a touch of glam.  Image courtesy of: Pinterest View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 29 Modern Glam Kitchen


Lori Morris Modern Glam Kitchen This modern glam kitchen designed by Lori Morris, combines black and white with bright gold accents and warm wood tones. It's a contemporary design that integrates glossy surfaces and unique sculptures. Image courtesy of: Pinterest View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 28 Contemporary Glamorous Kitchen


Contemporary Glamorous Kitchen This contemporary glamorous kitchen design combines white and black with metallic accents. Details add personality to an all-white kitchen and is the true secret to having a kitchen that you never get tired of. Here, the designer has used glossy surfaces and dramatic lighting to provide a touch of glam to the space.Image [...]

Kitchen Ideas 22 Elegant Kitchen Design


Elegant Kitchen Design This elegant kitchen design was designed by Richard Anuzkiewicz for clients that were renovating their circa-1910 waterfront home in Maryland. The couple entertain frequently and tend to do more congregating than cooking in the kitchen, so graciousness topped their wish list.Anuszkiewicz balanced the island’s size and drama with a pair of Chantilly [...]

Dining Room Post 43 Celebrity Dining Rooms


Celebrity Dining Rooms In the home of Emeril Lagasse this stunning dining room is elegant, sophisticated and refined. Antique French chairs and glittering chandeliers give the dining room a foundation of old-world elegance. Side chairs in a Fabricut fabric, armchair, and chandeliers, all Tara Shaw Antiques.  Image courtesy of: Veranda Magazine View Recent Posts [...]

Living Room Ideas 2 Glamorous Living Room


Glamorous Living Room In the home of Emeril Lagasse, beachy neutral tones dictate the sunroom’s serene palette. Floor lamps, Oly Studio; antique chairs in a Pindler fabric and chandelier, Tara Shaw Antiques; coffee table, Studio A through Lovelace Interiors; Roman shades from Conrad. Image courtesy of: Veranda Magazine View Recent Posts [...]

Dining Room Post 42 Eclectic Dining Room


Eclectic Dining Room Meg Ryan's eclectic dining room. Bentwood chairs from Lee Calicchio surround the dining room’s custom-made bronze table by Maison Gerard. Salvaged lantern and mantel from United House Wrecking. Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest View Recent Posts

Dining Room Post 40 Dining Room Decorating Ideas


Dining Room Decorating Ideas In this Southern California home, a crystal chandelier and glassware sparkle against a neutral backdrop. Antique Italian dining chairs covered in a J. Robert Scott leather; antique French bookcases; antique French mirror and 19th-century sconce, Dagmar.Image courtesy of: Veranda Magazine View Recent Posts

Dining Room Post 39 Interior Gold Accents


Dining Room with Interior Gold Accents Glamorous dining room with interior gold accents: This elegant dining room combines white with sophisticated gold accents. The dining room table is the Bernhardt Double Pedestal Table, and the chairs are Bernhardt Paltrow Side Chairs. View Recent Posts

Dining Room Post 38 Sophisticated Black Dining Room


Sophisticated Black Dining Room Sophisticated Black Dining Room: This glamorous black dining room has Bernhardt Clarendon Arm Chairs and a Clarendon Round Dining Table. View Recent Posts

Dining Room Post 37 Glam Dining Room


Glam Dining Room Glam Dining Room: This glamorous, elegant and sophisticated white dining room has Bernhardt Clarendon Oval-Back Arm Chairs and a Clarendon Round Dining Table. View Recent Posts

Kitchen Ideas 7 Glamorous White Kitchen


Glamorous White Kitchen This bright and spacious glamorous white kitchen with curved marble countertop and nickel lanterns was designed by interior designer, Ann Lowengart of Ann Lowengart Interiors. The home is incredible views of San Francisco and the bay, and uses a sophisticated color palette of gray, from soft dove to deep charcoal.Ann incorporated natural [...]

Dining Room Post 36 Modern Dining Rooms


Modern Dining Rooms Modern dining room designed by Sharon Mimram, a Toronto based designer of exceptional interiors. Sharon’s style is eclectic and elegant, and she strives to take the client’s requests and personal style to heart. She likes to mix well-designed furniture that has an old-world direction with modern and clean pieces that [...]

Bedroom Ideas Post 17 Glam Bedroom


Emeril Lagasse's Glam Bedroom The glam bedroom in the seaside sanctuary belonging to Emeril Lagasse Custom bed, David Sutherland Showroom; monogrammed pillows, Leontine Linens; sunburst mirror, Tara Shaw Antiques; pendant, Fortuny through Lovelace Interiors. View Recent Posts

Bedroom Ideas Post 17 Designer Bedroom


Designer Bedroom If you are looking for glamorous designer bedroom ideas, this stunning master bedroom has it all – from a gorgeous palette of soft blues and shades of tan to delicate pattern and texture. This home is nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean in California. The custom canopy is in [...]

Bedroom Ideas Post 17 Luxury Comforter


Valencia Luxury Comforter This beautiful luxury comforter is hand-quilted with a cord edge, and cotton backing. The shams feature brush fringe and faux-silk two piece envelope enclosure.  Comforter: Austin Horn Classics Valencia Bedding View Recent Posts

Bedroom Ideas Post 14 Ebanista Glamorous Master Bedroom


Glamorous Master Bedroom This glamorous master bedroom is detailed with furnishings and objets d’art from Ebanista, owned by Fari and Melinda Pakzad. Ebanista is known for their unique interpretation of European classics, and their collection encompasses furniture, custom upholstery, textiles, rugs, pillows, chandeliers, mirrors, and ceramics.Ebanista is a tribute to highly sophisticated taste..."a complexity and [...]

Bedroom Ideas Post 13 Modern Glam Bedroom


Modern Glam Bedroom This modern glam bedroom uses shiny and lustrous fabrics, metallics and hues of grey, silver and black to create a glamorous and modern bedroom design. The mirrors on either side of the bed instant drama, and work well in almost any bedroom design style. If you’re looking to create this [...]

Bedroom Ideas Post 11 Luxury Bedding


Luxury Bedding Collection The Bella Duvet Cover by Legacy is luxury bedding at its finest, combining rich shades of gold, pale blue and greys. The perfect bedding set if you are looking to create a regal retreat. Bedding available at: Horchow View Recent Posts

Bedroom Ideas Post 8 Designer Bedrooms


Designer Bedrooms Designer Bedrooms: A home in Southern California has gilded moldings that echo the finish of the master bedroom's corona, made from an antique French altar fragment. The custom bed is from Posse Furniture, the Swedish bedside tables are antiques by Tara Shaw, the sconces are from Circa Lighting and the 18th-century French [...]

Bedroom Ideas Post 7 Bedroom with Gallery Wall


Bedroom with Gallery Wall Bedroom with Gallery Wall: This feminine and romantic bedroom, designed by Anthony Michael, has soft hues of pink, crème, and white. The chandelier and artwork add depth and balance to this serene and glamorous bedroom design. The bedding is Italian Hotel Embroidered Bedding, a hotel-inspired collection with satin stitching [...]

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