Project Description

Natufia Kitchen Garden

This sleek black kitchen incorporates a Natufia Kitchen Garden.

The Naufia Kitchen Garden have herb lovers rejoicing everywhere.  This system makes it possible to grow fresh herbs and greens easily indoors. Now it’s possible to have fresh, non-GMO, certified organic herbs and microgreens at your fingertips. The system uses hydroponics, LED lights, and even music (only heard by the plants) to grow a garden full of goodness right in your kitchen.

The benefits of a Natufia Kitchen Garden

• Farm-to-table: Cannot be more traceable than being right in your kitchen. Cannot be more organic than being hydroponic with purely organic inputs.
• True Original Taste recovered: Even if your local supplier is certified “organic”, sometimes the original taste of things, of which only grandma’s garden had the secret, got lost.
• Autonomy with sophisticated effortless gardening: Self-sufficient in greens for a family. Only a cartridge to change every month, that’s it!
• Varieties / yield / size / price optimized: The true technological and design achievement of the Natufia Kitchen garden is to have minimized full automatization technologies that normally are only possible with larger hydroponic plantations; while at the same time allowing for growing a variety of different species… All of this in an attractively designed cabinet that fits in most professional or home kitchens… and at an accessible price.
Image courtesy of: Natufia

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