Project Description

Pale Blue Dining Room Designed by Suzanne Kasler

This elegant blue dining room, designed by Suzanne Kasler is refined, elegant and chic. Suzanne’s interiors usually consist of classic furniture pieces but presented with a modern point of view. She’s known for placing emphasis on the architecture of a space, as well as creating strong focal points in the living, dining, bedroom and family rooms.

White is a signature for her and she typically likes to swath rooms in tones of pure white or cream. The rooms never look stark, as she pairs it with strategically chosen accent colors to keep the feeling soft and enveloping.

Design Tips by Suzanne Kasler:

“That’s how I love to use color,” Suzanne explains. “Lots of white on the architectural part of the house, and then hints of color in just components of it. It’s amazing how the color almost shows up stronger against the white.”

“Whether it’s blue or white or any color, don’t worry so much about it matching, instead focus on creating a composition that works.”

“I love playing with scale, and sometimes one piece that’s really over-scaled, even just a partner, can make your whole room feel up-to-date.”

“Once you get the architectural envelope right, then you can start adding the layers that make it more personal”—the paint colors, the rugs and window treatments, and last, the furniture and accents.”

Photo courtesy of: Suzanne Kasler

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