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EICHHOLTZ is a renowned design brand in the international interior design world. The company was created 20 years ago by Theo Eichholtz and has enjoyed a spectacular growth since the start.


The EICHHOLTZ style can best be described as eclectic, international and glamorous. Even though the ‘Eichholtz style’ has become a well-known phrase, in their own words Eichholtz say that there is no specific style that defines their work. “even though we always work from a central idea, we set different, innovative and dynamic goals when creating a new collection. International boundaries have never limited us in the finding and sourcing of the best of the best. According to Diana Vreeland, the eye has to travel and this is something I wholeheartedly agree with”, so says Theo Eichholtz.

Here are a few of their glamorous featured rooms for design inspiration:


The Sparkling Serenity room has streamlined sofas and chairs that add a modern flair while the coffee tables and trolleys bring out the architectural beauty in living spaces.  The mirrors makes for a dazzling addition to your hallway, living room or bedroom. Stylish and unique, this modern wall mirror is made with a gorgeous octagonal silhouette. Its frame is designed with beveled mirror glass segments for an amazing three-dimensional effect.

Eichholtz Luxury Home Furnishings
Eichholtz Luxury Home Furnishings
Eichholtz Luxury Home Furnishings


This season, EICHHOLTZ has added a new trendy fabric to the collection, bouclé, loved for its irregular texture and looped appearance. Upholstered in cream bouclé, the York sofa and chair ooze a touch of decadence. Their special silhouette is inspired by Streamline Moderne, an international Art Deco design style from the 1930s, characterised by soft curving forms and long horizontal lines. Loose back cushions provide extra seating comfort. Extra softness and coziness are added by a beige faux-fur Alaska plaid.

One corner of the sofa is surrounded by the three-quarter pie chart side table Turino, that comprises a brushed brass frame and a tabletop with three marble inlays, two in black and one in white. The Turino side table matches well with the faux-marble Caron side table with brushed brass rim and base and the faux-marble Tricolori coffee table, which rests on a base that consists of a ball, a cube and a cone in brushed copper.

On the wall behind the sofa, a double set of 2 Ivan Melotti, Study of Cloth Drawing prints is used to cover a larger surface area.

Green accents are really important to EICHHOLTZ designers. They feel that if you leave that out you really miss the natural feeling that greenery gives. Here, they have invited nature in by adding plants and flowers to the décor. As a plant they chose a Strelitzia for its shiny fresh green leaves.

The soft pink Anthuriums on the table provide a lovely colour accent in this neutral toned room that is tied together by a Wilton carpet that is hand-woven of 100% viscose.

Luxury Furniture Brand
Luxury Furniture Brand
Luxury Furniture Brand


Take a tour of the “Rhapsody” Room to discover an interior of unmatched beauty. The granite gray Mondial Sofa combines design with flexibility. Thanks to its modular style, you can place a chaise longue on either side. An adjustable backrest and loose back cushions provide for the utmost in comfort. Here, they paired the Mondial Sofa with our Cesare Sofa in the same upholstery.

The coffee tables were decorated with vintage brass Sterling Hurricanes for a touch of romantic flair. These enchanting lanterns diffuse atmospheric light through openwork lampshades.

Modern Luxe Living Room
Modern Luxe Living Room


Designed with unmatched comfort and a clean-lined silhouette, the Taylor Sofa brings out the modern flair in any living space. Made with Avalon white upholstery and seven throw pillows, this sofa goes well with all furniture.

Luxury Home Decorating Ideas
Luxury Home Decorating Ideas
Luxury Home Decorating Ideas


Incredibly unique, these sleek and elegant Pompano tables go perfectly with this sturdy, rectangular, white marble Adler and Vesuvio side tables. The streamlined feel of Pompano highlights the gray veins of Adler and Vesuvio to create an exquisite look. Together, these tables provide for a bright and spacious living space with a touch of modern sophistication.

Modern White Living Room
Modern White Living Room
Modern White Living Room


Hospitality is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Impress them with the Hollywood glitz and glamour of our glossy bars, lustrous cabinets, and opulent chandeliers. Top off the ritzy style with chic bar stools and throw in some tropical plants for an exotic feel.

Treat your guests to a world-class experience in your hotel, club, or restaurant. Let them unwind, drink, and dine in the splendid style. Satisfy their appetite for design with tasteful furniture, prints, and accessories. Invite them to bathe in the warm and gentle glow of luxury lighting.

Glamorous Home Bar
Glamorous Home Bar
Glamorous Home Bar

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