Farmhouse Industrial Decorating Ideas ~

In the third part of the Pottery Barn Fall Collection Series, I thought I’d cover their Farmhouse Industrial decorating ideas and decor. If you are just starting on this post, the Fall Collection begins with Vintage Decorating, and then onto Relaxed Rustic Design and Coastal Design Ideas.

Pottery Barn’s Farmhouse Industrial takes on a cheerful approach to decorating and is all about the details – rustic woods and hard-working metals. You don’t have to live in the country to create that welcoming, lived-in feeling.

The style starts with fresh whites, distressed wood and industrial elements, then layers on classic checks and stripes. The Farmhouse Industrial look is family-friendly, super comfortable, and where rustic meets modern. Design elements such as a barn door on a wrought iron rod work well in this style.

“It’s when woods, whites and metals are happiest together. It’s that pop of red and a hint of barnyard whimsey.” It’s also another one of my favorite looks for the season.

Farmhouse Industrial Decorating Ideas

The Farmhouse Industrial look embraces what is comfortable, casual and inviting. This laid-back rustic style uses pops of color and industrial elements to create a home that is not just cozy but has a playful side as well.

Pottery Barn’s Tips on Farmhouse Industrial Decorating

Getting this look is easy, especially if you already have a flair for either farmhouse or industrial.

1. Start with fresh whites, distressed finishes, and industrial elements

Farmhouse Industrial style lets you play around with different materials by juxtaposing rustic woods with modern metals. Whitewashed wood sets the ultimate backdrop, and imperfect finishes and pops of red play up the farmhouse feel. Then, give it an edge with wrought iron, galvanized metal, and black decor.

2. Layer on classic checks and stripes in vivid reds or blues

No farmhouse style–kitchen is complete without gingham. Mix this pattern in with buffalo check and stripes for a more elevated approach. As for color, reds and blues look great against the whites, blacks and wood.

3. Evoke a sense of nostalgia with playful accents

Pieces inspired by the past really help pull this look off. From bistro-style dinnerware and café glasses to patchwork quilts that feel like family heirlooms, these little additions make a big, cozy impact. Sprinkle in some small sculptural pieces, like animal-shaped salt and pepper shakers, for extra whimsy.


Farmhouse Industrial Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse Industrial: Rico Red Media Console, Saratoga Lamp Base, Keaton Pendant, Dark Horse in Profile Print

Decorate with drama by adding visual interest to your spaces with oversized art, vases in various sizes and faux botanicals handcrafted to look just like the real thing. With a reclaimed pine frame, bold red finish and custom iron hardware, the Rico Media Console certainly fits the farmhouse industrial vibe. Each console is distressed by hand, making for a one-of-a-kind piece.

Rustic Industrial Decorating | Farmhouse Pottery

Farmhouse Industrial: Hudson Red Ceramics

Farmhouse Pottery

Farmhouse Industrial: Surrey Vase Collection

Rustic Industrial Kitchen
Rustic Farmhouse Chairs

Farmhouse Industrial: Napolean Dining Chairs

Galvanized Steel Decor

Farmhouse Industrial: Galvanized Vase

Galvanized Steel Decor

Farmhouse Industrial: Galvanized Metal Tier Stand

Rustic Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse Industrial: Kenzie Mercury Chandelier

Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Industrial: Hudson Ceramics

Farmhouse Pillows

Farmhouse Industrial: Country Pillow Covers

Rustic Farmhouse Candles

Farmhouse Industrial: Rustic Candles

Farmhouse Dinnerware

Farmhouse Industrial: Farmhouse Dinnerware

Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Industrial: Horse Weathervane

Rustic Bedding

Farmhouse Industrial: Chesterfield Upholstered Bed, Ludlow Bedside Table, Joanna Reversible Quilt

There’s something so warm and welcoming about red. The boldest prints are combined in this patchwork farmhouse style quilt for cozy bedding that will last through the seasons.

Rustic Quilts

Rustic Industrial: Quilt Collection

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